Tourism in Mahebourg

Ile Aux Aigrettes Nature Reserve in Mahebourg

The village of Mahebourg is considered the most famous fishing village as it is one of the oldest villages on the island, which witnessed many historical events that it passed through. Among the tourist attractions that constitute an important factor in attracting tourism to Mauritius are:

  • The Ile Aux Aigrettes nature reserve
  • Participation in the catamaran boat races
  • Viewing the works displayed at the Mahebourg Museum

The most important three landmarks in the village of Mahebourg:

1- Ile Aux Aigrettes Nature Reserve

Ile Aux Aigrettes Island in Mauritius

This captivating nature reserve is located in the area opposite the southeast coast of the island of Mauritius. It is an important center for many research and studies and a nature reserve rich in many rare plants and animals that are feared to be endangered. Furthermore, it is one of the tourist attractions in Mauritius, which attracts tourists from all countries of the world.

Previously, the Ile Aux Aigrettes Reserve was part of the dry forest, and it occupies a large area of ​​the southeast coast. Still, during successive periods of invasion, it was subjected to many attacks on its trees, animals, and birds, so trees were cut down, and overhunting of animals and birds until extinction threatened many living creatures. It is located on it. 

To preserve the rest of it, it was declared a nature reserve in 1965, and visitors come to it for hiking and enjoying the beauty of nature.

2- Catamaran Cruises Mauritius

Catamaran Cruise On Your Mauritius Honeymoon Is A Must

It is wonderful to revive the important historical events of the island, including the annual celebration of declaring the end of slavery and spreading freedom among the people. Tourism in Mauritius with exciting and enjoyable activities at the same time, which are races of ancient sailing boats that were known at that time, and sailing to swimming and diving areas to spend time discovering the depths rich in exotic sea creatures and their wonderful colors, and you can continue to sail around the waterfalls on a journey Enjoyable, watching bats and monkeys on the tops of trees and mountains.

3- Mahebourg Museum

Mahebourg Historical Naval Museum - Mauritius Attractions

Mahebourg Maritime Museum is one of the important landmarks of the city. It is perfectly suitable for families who accompany children and are usually curious to see everything strange and wondrous. All this is accompanied by important information about the habitat and life cycle of these organisms.

The museum is also equipped with giant aquariums teeming with aquatic life in an environment as close as possible to its natural environment. The museum is one of the tourist attractions in Mauritius that tourists are keen to visit. For visitors.