You May Obtain A Second Passport Or ‘Elite Residency’ In 21 Countries

The super-rich isn’t just buying private aircraft, yachts, and hotels; they also buy second passports.
89 percent of people want a second passport, and more than 34% have contemplated getting a second citizenship.
Even more astonishing were the 80% who said they would be willing to give or gift 5% of their annual salary for a second citizenship – more than they pay on monthly rent.
Fortunately, a handful of nations provide Citizenship by Investment (CIP) schemes in which money — typically invested in real estate — may be used to purchase a second passport and the privileged status that comes with it.

In exchange for comparable contributions, other schemes provide “elite residence” – an extended visa with privileges.
“It’s become more than just acquiring a passport,” added of second citizenship. “Obtaining second citizenship has a number of advantages, including the ability to establish residency in nations with lower tax burdens than your present home country.”
To compile a comprehensive list of nations that provide citizenship or residence in exchange for investment, Whether you choose for full citizenship or residency, here are 23 countries where money can buy you a second passport — or at the very least, the opportunity to live abroad for an extended period — listed from cheapest to most costly.