1- Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Tham Suea)

Tiger Cave Temple Tourist places in Krabi Thailand

Krabi city gives you an excellent opportunity to get to know the most important tourist places in Thailand, and one of those places is the “Tiger Cave Temple,” or as it is called locally (Wat Tham Soi), that charming spiritual temple, which is located 5 kilometers from the center of Krabi city.

What attracts the most tourist to this temple is its distinguished location in the lap of nature, as it is a limestone cave, which embraces a group of relics of the ancients, and perhaps the “Buddha’s Relic” is the most famous among them.

 Although access to the temple is difficult; However, the rate of his visit is high, and this is because he achieves the visitor what he wishes on his trip, from visiting an important historical site and taking a distinguished adventure by climbing the rocky cliffs, in addition to the stunning view that the visitor sees upon reaching the cave. Hence, it is one of the most important tourist sites in Krabi.

2- Emerald Pool. Lake and Park

Emerald Lake and Park Honeymoon Tours in Krabi Thailand

Swimming in Emerald Lake is a golden opportunity that will not be repeated. This stunning emerald lake attracts thousands every year because of its charm. It is worth mentioning that Emerald Lake is located in the southern part of Thailand and occupies a unique position among the rest of the tourist places in Krabi.

The park that borders the lake has many natural elements, such as rare plants that will impress you and the ancient trees that have been there for hundreds of years, in addition to a group of friendly animals who live on the garden land in peace.

The environment of the area in which the lake is located will fascinate you, so we advise you to head to Emerald Lake in the early morning to enjoy all these fantastic elements for as long as possible and avoid crowding.

3- Krabi Town Night Market

Night market in Krabi, Thailand

Tourism in Krabi is not limited to beaches and tourist resorts only. Still, there are also unique places for shopaholics, spending time in distinguished local cafes and restaurants, and the night market, or as it is called “Walking Street,” is one of those important landmarks in the city.

The night market of the city of Krabi opens its doors to the public during the holidays, that is, from Friday to Sunday every week. You can wander around the market to learn more about its contents, which are handicrafts, wonderful ornaments, in addition to well-made paintings, and you will also find popular clothes and shoes.

In the night market of Krabi, you will find a group of popular food carts, which attract tourists who love to try different food. It is a special destination.

4- Maya Bay
Maya Bay, Krabi, Thailand

Maya Bay is one of the most important tourist destinations in Krabi due to its charming landscapes. Although the area is crowded all the time, we guarantee you to enjoy your time, here you will be able to take the most beautiful pictures, because of the impressive rocky cliffs surrounding you, And clear blue water, in addition to the wonderful smooth sand.

The most important thing that attracts tourists to visit the charming Maya Bay is that despite its beautiful nature; However, entry to it is completely free, and this makes it one of the most famous tourist places in Krabi, so do not hesitate and go to it when you are in Krabi because it will remain engraved in the memory for life.

5-Namtok Ron (Hot Spring Waterfall)
Namtok Run or Hot Springs Waterfall, Krabi, Thailand

The most prominent feature of tourism in Krabi from other tourist places in Thailand; This city has a variety of charming nature elements, the most important of which is the Namtok Ron hot springs waterfall. These waterfalls are located near Emerald Lake. These hot waterfalls reflect the beauty of nature and its captivating charm.

You can head to the hot springs waterfall in the early morning for a relaxing session in one of the waterfall cavities. This session will provide you with the energy you need to complete the rest of your journey in Krabi.

Entrance to Namtok Ron Hot Springs Waterfall is for a small fee, so it is one of the best tourism centers in Krabi.

7- Viking Cave

Viking Cave Tourist places in Krabi Thailand

Exploring beautifully crafted paintings inside a great cave on an island is very exciting, isn’t it?

Strolling in the city of Krabi will bring you that exciting adventure, the Viking Cave, which is located in the islands of Phi Phi, contains a group of wonderful art paintings, those paintings executed on the walls of the cave.

It is worth noting that sailors discovered this archaeological cave. Since then, the cave has become a tourist attraction in Krabi, so do not miss visiting it and taking pictures with these distinctive murals.

8- Mu Ko Lanta National Park
Mu Ko Lanta National Park Krabi Islands Thailand

Strolling around Mu Ko Lanta National Park is wonderful, especially if you are with the family here. You will enjoy the most beautiful landscapes ever, those views that will force you to take hundreds of photos. You will find amazing green spaces in addition to the outstanding ocean location.

Mu Ko Lanta National Park has a group of free-roaming monkeys, so be careful not to bring food and drinks inside the park, and also keep all your belongings in a tight-fitting bag so as not to be picked up by the monkeys in the park.

Asia has the most beautiful spots on Earth at all. Krabi city is one of those wonderful spots. Suppose tourism in Krabi is your next destination. In that case, we advise you to visit the distinctive tourist attractions that we have collected for you in this article, to enjoy the longest possible time in the lap of nature in the city of Krabi.