1- Railay Beach
Railay Beach Honeymoon in Krabi Thailand

Let’s talk about the most important tourist destinations in Krabi. We will certainly mention the most important beaches of this city, as it has the most beautiful beaches in Thailand. One of the most important of those wonderful beaches is “Railley Beach,” the beach that many consider a small peninsula, as it contains four beaches, and it is not accessible To them by speedboat only.

On Railay Beach, you will enjoy your time amidst the picturesque nature, where the rocky cliffs, and the amazingly gradient blue water, in addition to the soft sand, is the ideal destination for lovers of landscapes because it is reflected in its most beautiful pictures of Railay Beach.

Your presence in Railay Beach will enable you to make a wonderful set of pictures, as the picturesque nature that it enjoys attracts thousands of professional photographers, as well as many photography enthusiasts.

2- Ao Nang Beach
Ao Nang Beach, Krabi Beaches, Thailand

Enjoying your time in Krabi will not be complete without visiting Ao Nang Beach, this distinguished beach, which attracts lovers of swimming and cruises. The small area of ​​the beach and its beauty are the factors that encourage tourists to go to it.

Ao Nang Beach is one of the most famous centers of tourism in Krabi. Near this beach, there are luxury hotels, international restaurants, and a distinguished group of cafes, so it is a first-class tourism destination.

3- Ao Phra Nang Beach
Ao Phra Nang beach honeymoon in Krabi Thailand

When you search on the global search engine Google for the beach (Ao Phra Nang), you will be impressed by the beauty of the nature of this beach. It is a treasure for nature lovers from all over the world. The green cliffs, the clear waters of the sea, and the beach’s white sands, all factors that make it a God’s paradise on earth.

If you love swimming and snorkeling, you will certainly be able to do so. Here, local water activities lovers and tourists from all over the world gather. Do not forget to charge your phone to take the most wonderful pictures to document the most beautiful moments in the middle of this amazing nature.

4- Nopparat Thara Beach

Nopparat Thara Beach, Krabi, Thailand
If you are a fan of contemplating the sunset, Nopparat Thara Beach is the most beautiful spot to watch the wonderful sunset. On the beach, you will be able to take the best pictures of its beautiful nature.

Nopparat Thara Beach is not much different from the beaches we mentioned before. The only thing that differs from the rest of the beaches is that it is not qualified for swimming and diving, as it is one of the rocky beaches that are not suitable for these water activities.

But this does not mean that the beach does not contain recreational activities. On the contrary, in Nuparat Thara Beach, there are many activities, such as taking cruises, or relaxing in the lap of nature, in addition to eating the finest seafood in the distinctive beach restaurants, as well as you can tour the night market that Provided by the beach, and the purchase of unique souvenirs.