One of the most beautiful and wonderful Abu Dhabi islands, characterized by calm and picturesque views, the artificial island has a wonderful beach extending for 10 kilometers, along with soft dunes and green surfaces that give it beauty over beauty. Pearl Island also includes a number of recreational facilities such as international restaurants and high-end cafes. 

The island, which is classified as the most popular tourist attraction in Abu Dhabi and visited by residents, Arab and foreign tourists coming to the UAE capital, is an artificial island facing the city’s coast and extending 10 km of beaches, pure and soft dunes and green spaces that provide an atmosphere that is conducive to relaxation and relaxation.

To increase the enjoyment of some whiffs of entertainment, the island also offers its visitors two artificial lakes, with a series of high-end restaurants and cafes ideal for families and children.

The article reviews the most important activities you can do while visiting Pearl Island and the most important Abu Dhabi hotels near it, so follow us.


Activities you can do inside the Pearl Island Abu Dhabi.

• The Pearl Island in Abu Dhabi includes two artificial lakes of freshwater, the mountain lake, which you can swim in its waters, and it is divided so that each section has a different depth to suit all ages. In contrast, the other lake is called Al-Rai Lake, and there are many water games such as switch boats.

• You can also go swimming on the sea coast, which overlooks the island, as the beach is equipped with seats, umbrellas, changing rooms and shower rooms, and on the beach, there are barbecue places.

Pearl Island

• The island includes a number of restaurants and cafes that offer various dishes and drinks that you can use to complete your trip to the island.


• In addition to all that, the island contains areas of greenery and trees, as it includes 14,000 palm trees and seasonal fruit trees and roses. If you are a lover of greenery and nature, you should walk among those trees and enjoy them.

When to visit Pearl Island in Abu Dhabi

Every day from 8:00 am. to 8:00 pm.

Hotels near Pearl Island Abu Dhabi

Le Royal Meridien Abu Dhabi, one of the best 5-star hotels in the UAE, Abu Dhabi, is 2.2 km from Lulu Island Abu Dhabi. Most of the Arab visitors gave him a great rating for cleanliness and services.

Sofitel Abu Dhabi Corniche, one of the best 5-star hotels in Abu Dhabi, is 2.4 km from Lulu Island Abu Dhabi. Most of the Arab visitors gave it an excellent rating in terms of its appearance and cleanliness. Some mentioned the lack of some services.