Pearl Island was the largest and most famous center for the pearl trade in the ancient Arabian Gulf, and it was also renowned for being the largest place for diving and pearl extraction. This wonderful island includes many distinguished museums and unique collectibles, ancient mosques, and a distinguished shopping center. It is located in the Arabian Gulf, about 42 kilometers off the coast of Abu Dhabi, a flooded port specifically, and about 304 kilometers from the center of the charming city of Abu Dhabi, and it is considered one of the best tourist destinations in Abu Dhabi.

According to studies, 20 archaeological sites have been identified on the island, most of which date back to the Late Stone Age, which increased its importance as one of the ancient Abu Dhabi islands. The island also includes many farms for the ruling family and the most beautiful tourist attractions in the region, a palace To the late ruler Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan.

Exploring the most alluring of Abu Dhabi's diverse islands

Activities you can do

• The island is served by Delma Airport and ferries, so you can go by plane to see the island from the sky and take aerial photos of it.

• Then, start your visit with the Abu Dujana Mosque, a distinctive mosque consisting of three blue domes, the middle of which is large, and two tall minarets.

• The Delma Public Park is located near the mosque, and near it are some restaurants where you can rest a little, have a snack, and some refreshments.

• Then they headed to Delma Beach, distinguished by its golden sand and clear water, which includes suitable places for camping if you are in it.

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• If you are a fan of fishing and small boat trips, you can enjoy such activities in one of the island’s designated harbors.

• You can also visit Dalma Old Market, a small market that includes several shops, from which you can buy some souvenir pieces.

• Do not forget to visit the ancient Dalma Island Museum in Abu Dhabi, which includes wonderful artifacts from different eras of the island’s history.

• You must wander a little in some of the island’s archaeological sites available to receive guests and visitors, to learn about its ancient history. You can also visit the palace of the late ruler Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan.

• Then conclude your tour at sunset, with an enjoyable cruise, during which the golden rays of the sunset embrace the dark waters of the sea.

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 Hotels near Dalma Island Abu Dhabi

Western Hotel Ghayathi is one of the best 3-star hotels in Abu Dhabi, about 104 kilometers from Dalma Island, Abu Dhabi.

The location is excellent and close to services. The staff is distinguished, the breakfast buffet is excellent, and it is included with some reservations. Its services and facilities are great and suitable for families.

Danat Hotel Jebel Dhanna Resort is one of the best 5-star resorts in Abu Dhabi, and it is 62.8 kilometers away from Dalma Island Abu Dhabi.

The location is excellent, facing the beach, the staff is helpful, the rooms are comfortable, clean and the views are wonderful. The food is good, the facilities are comprehensive and distinctive, especially the children’s playgrounds.