1- The Dubai Mall

It is one of Dubai’s best tourist places for shopping enthusiasts and follows the latest fashion trends and trends. The mega mall is the largest shopping center globally and the most popular and popular with buyers during the tourism seasons in Dubai.

Tourism in Dubai

The mall includes about 1,200 stores, most of them for international brands in the field of fashion, cosmetics, and perfumes such as Chanel, Zara, and Forever 21, in addition to goldsmiths’ shops, restaurants squares, various modern cafes, and entertainment centers such as cinemas and the Dubai Aquarium.

2- The Mall of the Emirates

Dubai tourism

One of the most famous malls and entertainment places in Dubai that locals and foreign tourists alike visit to enjoy an unparalleled shopping tour among thousands of stores that sell goods from various local and international brands before they finish their shopping tour by spending fun time in the various entertainment centers that the mall provides for adults And young people like the “Ski Dubai” snow city, where snow skiing with equipment and accompanied by penguins and beautifully crafted snow figures, a complex of cinemas, luxury restaurants, and a varied and integrated games area.

3- Dubai Spice Souk

One of the hotest places in Dubai to visit, despite its distance from arriving tourists’ plans, is visited by culinary enthusiasts who know its secrets and best flavors to buy the best types of spices.

Tourism in Dubai

The Emirates Market, famous for selling spices from different countries of the world, is located in the Al Ras area in Dubai on the Persian Gulf and is characterized by the intertwining of its smart, spicy scents in a unique and exotic mix with colored jute bags containing Gulf, Persian and Indian sharp spices, as well as street vendors who sell incense sticks and hookah tools.
If you want to go against other tourists’ plans and take a tour of the market during your Dubai tourism trip, you have made the right decision, but try to master the skill of negotiation before it.

4- The Dubai Gold Souk

One of the beautiful places in Dubai to visit, especially for women who love gold jewelry, it is not only the most famous market in the UAE for selling gold, but it is also the most famous and richest in the world.

Dubai Gold Market Dubai Market Emirates

The market is located near Dubai Bay, where you can enjoy an enjoyable cruise by ferry until you reach it, and it continues to work until ten in the evening.

5- The global village

In Global Village, you will find a range of products around the world in one village, and the mall is the ideal shopping place for those looking to buy products at competitive prices, with a taste of international cuisine from Asia, Africa, Europe, the Americas, and the Arab region. The global village is similar to an international exhibition, where exhibitors worldwide meet in Dubai and showcase their countries’ products.

Global Village also offers a 5-month entertainment festival catering to various interests, and daily performances vary from concerts and street shows to international cultural performances.

Address: Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Dubailand, Dubai