The Dubai Global Village

Tourist places in Dubai

One of the hot tourist places in Dubai for evening outings accompanied by family or friends, where the entire village wings are lit with decorative and colored lamps that add life and elegance to its goods and exhibits that form handicrafts, traditional industries, and even foods that are distinguished and famous for each country of the world, as well as organizing shows and evenings A fun play, so try not to miss it while tourism in Dubai.

Dubai Dancing Fountain

One of Dubai’s most famous tourist attractions and the most attractive to the foreign tourists with the aim of tourism in the Emirates from everywhere, the fountain, which is classified as the largest fountain in the world, releases water with lights for a distance of up to 140 meters in two directions accompanied by about 35 Arab and foreign musical pieces every half hour.

The luminous dancing fountain is located on the tunes of music below the Burj Khalifa in the middle of a lake that extends over an area of ​​30 acres that can be seen from everywhere in the city, and the visibility is enhanced by taking a boat across the lake or climbing to the top of one of the surrounding skyscrapers.

Ski Dubai

One of the most attractive and popular places of entertainment in Dubai among tourists coming to it, so who can believe that the hot, arid desert contains all these heaps and ice figures in peace without any of them melting ??
Dubai beaches

You will only believe if you visit that ice park located inside the Mall of the Emirates during a Dubai tourism trip, which will not only bring you the fun and excitement of snowboarding but also make you live in the exciting Arctic atmosphere among the dozens of penguins that live on its lands, along with fun slides and snow figures in Snow Park.
In Ski Dubai, you will not need to buy or rent ski equipment from outside, as they are all available inside the park.


IMG Worlds of Adventure

One of the beautiful amusement parks in Dubai is the most attractive and exciting for children of all ages, so it is ideal for families during tourism trips in Dubai.

World of Adventure IMG places of tourism in Dubai

The idea of ​​the park is based on creating a fictional world for children’s games, simulating cartoon characters or creatures that have inhabited the Earth for hundreds of years, such as riding a giant dinosaur’s back, accompanying Spider-Man in one of his exciting adventures across the city, or having fun with Marvel characters, the Avengers, Network and other cartoon characters.
Adults with strong hearts can also attend an adventure in the heart of a haunted house inside IMG Adventure City near Global Village in Dubai.

Dubai Creek

If you are looking for the best tourist places in Dubai that provide you with an enjoyable atmosphere and at the same time traditional and straightforward quiet among the picturesque natural attractions in the city, then your best option is to visit Dubai Creek, which separates the northern and Bur Dubai areas of Deira South.

Tourism in Dubai

The history of the old creek dates back to 4 thousand years ago and then the nineteenth century’s thirties in its contemporary history. It was an active focus for sailors’ boats working in fishing and the pearl trade throughout its history.

Now the dhows of the sailors known as the Dow have been developed from transporting goods to tourist boats that organize cruises for tourists through the city to enjoy its charm and its most famous landmarks extending along the creek.

The Lost Chambers Aquarium

Tourism in Dubai

One of the most beautiful and hot tourist places in Dubai and the most enjoyable and exciting for lovers of adventure and sea life, where you can practice diving or diving in one of 21 fish tanks with a capacity of 11.5 liters and includes about 65 thousand different and strange species in halls dug under the water in what is like the legend of the city of Atlantis the missing.
This is in addition to interactive displays that explain the history of the place and its marine treasures.

Jumeirah Beach

Dubai’s most beautiful beach, most visited and popular with tourists, perhaps thanks to the high-end hotels and resorts located close to it.
Tourism in Dubai

The beach is characterized by its soft white sand and clear water and provides sun facilities and water sports equipment such as windsurfing. Also, Jumeirah Beach is suitable for family tourism in Dubai and suitable for children, as areas have been designated for family picnics and play. Other regions have also been nominated for barbecues.

The Dubai Dolphinarium

One of the ideal landmarks for young children that families are recommended to visit during tourism in Dubai to watch live performances and pictures of dolphins and their amusing interactions with human beings during the largest closed and air-conditioned hall in the Middle East to incubate dolphins and raise them in an artificial environment similar to their natural habitat.

Dubai tourism

The hall is located in a park in the old town “Bur Dubai” near the Gulf and opens its doors to school trips and birthday celebrations for children, in addition to a corner for children’s games, an Arabesque dance school, and a 5D cinema.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina, places of tourism in Dubai

One of the hottest places in Dubai for a quiet walk that inspires relaxation and relaxation is ideal for new couples. The corniche, which extends several kilometers from the city’s waterfront, is interspersed with a set of walkways, suitable for strolling at all times.

You can go there for a walk, jog, or even walk around quietly without a purpose in the morning. You can have a delicious meal and a drink in one of the restaurants or cafes that extend throughout its length in the afternoon. Still, at night you can enjoy a tour among the tall skyscrapers reflected from them and by the evening lights and make them more splendid or visit One of the markets and malls spread around it, or even enjoy a cruise in the Dubai Creek.