Nurai Island is the perfect choice for those who want to spend a quiet beach holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the city, so you can enjoy the beautiful nature and beautiful beaches that overlook the coast of the Arabian Gulf.

Nurai, whose name is from the Arabic word Noor, is paradise on earth in every sense of the word. The island includes one of the most luxurious resorts, such as Zaya Nurai, which contains lovely hotel villas and three distinctive restaurants. Nurai Island Abu Dhabi, which is a treasure of exceptional and picturesque nature, is located on the eastern coast of Abu Dhabi on the sparkling turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf, providing a unique world of luxury and sophistication.

The island also includes several luxury restaurants, distinctive cafes, and one of the most beautiful resorts in Abu Dhabi. 

The best activities in Nurai Island, Abu Dhabi

• You will enjoy a lot of fun, entertainment during the trip to Nurai Island in Abu Dhabi through the Gulf waters by boats and boats. Then you will see the most beautiful parts of the earth, including clear water, soft white sand, and vivid paintings of beauty and splendor.

Nurai Island Abu Dhabi


• More enjoyment when you dive, and water games on Zaya Nurai Island, where there are guides and trainers from the Professional Diving Association, in addition to classrooms for training diving, and Nurai Island also includes motor-free water sports such as kayaking, sailing boats.


Zaya Nurai Island

The Kids Club on Nurai Island Abu Dhabi, where it offers them distinctive entertainment programs through a specialized team, including learning some crafts, practicing yoga, in addition to sessions to learn to cook bread and cake with a chef, inevitably your children will have a day full of activities and enjoyment while they are On this unique island.

Nurai Island, Abu Dhabi


• A health club that allows you to achieve the highest standards of fitness, in addition to a yoga center, where the island of Zaya Nurai is full of the presence of a specialized yoga instructor who in turn organizes sessions for groups and individuals to practice yoga.

Zaya Nurai Island Abu Dhabi


• Eat your meal in one of the most beautiful islands of Abu Dhabi in a variety of the most luxurious restaurants that allow guests to experience food in a comfortable atmosphere in which they enjoy eating organic food from local farms, with a distinctive menu, and provides lovely views of the Arabian Gulf and island.

Nurai Island


• Sip a cup of fantastic Arabic coffee under the moonlight at Paul Bar Cafe Nurai Island, Abu Dhabi, located directly on the beach, which offers the most exemplary service and the highest quality.

Nurai Island in Abu Dhabi


• Zaya Nurai Island also includes the finest villas for luxury, privacy, and exceptional services. Each unit consists of a private pool, and there is a valet to help guests complete their tasks and provide amenities.

Nurai Island in Abu Dhabi


• On Nurai Island, Abu Dhabi, you will see your favorite Femalak on the most beautiful beaches of the world. The island includes a beach cinema equipped with the latest technology to enjoy a unique and enjoyable experience that is not easy to forget.

Nurai Island, the city of Abu Dhabi


• The fully-equipped Zaya Nurai Island theater, where you can attend special concerts and entertaining theatrical performances in this beautiful theater.

Nurai Island in Abu Dhabi


Best hotels near Nurai Island Abu Dhabi

Zaya Nurai Resort hotels are one of the best hotels in Abu Dhabi, which is located on Nurai Island, Abu Dhabi. The hotel received excellent reviews for location and excellent hygiene, comfort, facilities, and staff ratings.

The St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort is one of the best hotels in the UAE, located 10 minutes across the bay from Nurai Island, Abu Dhabi. The hotel received great reviews for its location, comfort, cleanliness, staff, and facilities.