1- Casa Batllo & Casa Mila building

Casa Batllo building, tourist places in Barcelona, ​​Spain

One of the most beautiful museums recommended visiting when traveling to Barcelona, ​​thanks to the innovative and innovative architecture of these buildings by the most famous architectural genius in Barcelona during the 19th and 20th centuries, “Anthony Gaudi.”

Casa Batllo building was a residential building owned by the Spanish wealthy “Josep Batllo”; He and his family lived on the lower floors of the building while renting the other floors as apartments before converting the building into a museum.

This museum is famous for its colorful front facade derived from Barcelona’s distinctive marine life, its balconies that take the form of human skulls, and its columns that take the form of bones, which makes it an architectural marvel like no other, in addition to the well-designed windows with sizes that make them absorb light and sunlight in equal proportions.

As for the famous Casa Mila building, La Pedrera, which was established in the Catalan Art Nouveau style, it is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Barcelona for lovers of jazz, where competitions, shows, and special parties are held during summer nights to revive this type of world classical music.

Where you can go upstairs and see what is known as the whale’s attic because it is very similar to the whalebone skeleton, then go to the rooftop for a drink while listening to the wonderful nightly live music.

2- Museu Picasso

Picasso Museum, Museums, Barcelona, ​​Spain

The largest and most popular museum among all tourists participating in Barcelona trips, where the museum includes about 3,500 paintings of the most famous works made by the world-famous painter Pablo Picasso during the 20th century, most of which dealt with the early period of his art histories such as the image of Aunt Pepa, the man in a hat, the woman With Bonnet, Science and Charity, Divan, and others.

The Picasso Museum is credited with founding the Musée d’Or to Jaume Sabates in 1963, using five palaces representing Picasso’s artistic life in chronological order and highlighting the luxury life of the wealthy of Barcelona during the 19th century. Barcelona was chosen without Malaga for being the city that witnessed Picasso’s emergence in his early years.

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