1- Parc Guell

Park Guell Gardens, Barcelona, ​​Spain

Parc Guell Garden is one of the most beautiful attractions in Barcelona, ​​which is located in the vicinity of the Palace of Guell, which makes it one of the first tourist places in Barcelona to visit when passing through the great historical palace.

By the 20th century, the park was the site of several biological discoveries of centuries-old skeletons such as deer, elephants, and rhinos, all of which have been transferred to the Barcelona Science Museum. This is in addition to a dense vegetation cover of 3,300 trees, including pine, olive, vine, carob, cypress, oak, and acacia trees, in addition to fruit orchards.

Over time, the region’s wealth began to move to other countries nearby. The water levels receding, the soil poor, and the spread of deadly plant pests infested at the site previously known as Mount Pelada before it came under the city council’s authority in 1912.

Although the park’s vegetation has not remained as it was before, you can see dense areas of forests, farms, and green terraces of a variety and attractive.

2- Parc Ciutadella

Ciutadella Park, tourist places in Barcelona, ​​Spain

Parc Ciutadella Garden is the most beautiful area in Barcelona for hiking and recreation or organizing a safari tour that evokes calm and comfort during the tourism holiday in Barcelona.

In the past and during the year 1714, a defensive castle was established on the park’s site by King Philip V. It was converted over time into a political prison before General Brim decided to demolish it and fill it in 1869. It is immortalized by a statue at the northwest end of the Ciutadella Garden designed by Joseph Fontser and became the icon of the exhibition World 1998.

Ciutadella Park is famous for its relaxing green spaces, including the Parliament Building. You can visit during the weekend every Sunday to enjoy a visit to the Museum of Modern Art, which is located inside.

This is in addition to the zoo, which is located within the framework of the Ciutadella Park, which includes the Geological Museum and the Museum of Zoology. You can also enjoy a boat tour across the lake and admire the grandeur of Gaudí’s designs in the fountain located next to it, adorned with carvings of a winged dragon.

3- Parc d’Atraccions Tibidabo

Tibidabo amusement park Barcelona, ​​Spain

One of the best places in Barcelona with a century or more of experience in entertaining families and children, with a privileged elevated location that guarantees them a charming view of the city of Barcelona, ​​its coast, mountains, and a group of its most prominent tourist attractions while having fun and experiencing the exciting and advanced park games that suit different ages and tastes.

Tibidabo Theme Park is located in Sarria St. Jervasi district, close to the Sargada Familia Church, and includes a series of fun electric games that raise the sense of adventure and excitement for its users, such as Huracan, Aveo, the world’s first mocking plane, the haunted castle, Talaia, in addition to horse riding trails.

4- Parc del Laberint d’Horta

Horta Labyrinth Park Tourist places in Barcelona, ​​Spain

It is the most interesting tourist attraction in Barcelona. It attracts the attention and visits of locals and tourists. It is the oldest park of its kind in Barcelona, with an age of more than two centuries and a green area extending to 55 hectares at the foot of the Colcerola Ridge.

Horta Garden is famous for its pollinated cypress trees, which look like a forest like a maze. Still, it is a labyrinth that smells of roses and brings peace, harmony, and tranquility to the soul, and is suitable for a family outing or an idyllic romance preferred by young and old.

The arabesque cottage, known as Torre soberana, and the sculptures of mythical figures dot the garden are among its most important and beautiful, dating back to the 19th century.

It is worth noting that the Horta Labyrinth is part of Italian engineer “Domenico Baguti” and was developed by Elise Rogent under the supervision of its previous owners, the Desvals and the Marques.

In conclusion, dear tourist, we have discussed a group of the most famous tourist places in Barcelona that satisfy different tastes and ages. Some of them are ideal for family outings, honeymoon holidays, or weekend getaways. Barcelona trips Spain.