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If someone asks you about a tourism hub in the world, the very first thought that comes into your mind is the UAE. This Gulf country has earned its recognition around the world for being the epitome of tourism and business. While famous for its outstandingly stunning desert and the bravura Arabian Gulf, it is also home to some great water, aqua, and theme parks in the Middle East. With great series of theme parks with the highest standards, one can even enjoy an entire holiday excursion plan around the UAE. In this blog, Chiltern Travel & Tour—a UAE-based tourism agency, brings you a piece of exciting information about the tourism attraction and their respective packages. We will have a swift glimpse at some of the best theme parks in the UAE. Whether you’re looking for courteous tourism services and recreational rides on Ferrari World or goosebumps thrills in the UAE, you will find Tourist Attractions in Abu Dhabi with us.

Tourist Attractions in Abu Dhabi & Dubai1

If you are speculating what an oasis looks like, you find both human-made and natural oasis in the UAE will let you see both aspects. Chiltern TNT knows all best tourist destinations around the Gulf, plus we offer some of the exciting tour package plans for the UAE. If you think of a fantastic island, Sir BaniYas Island is here to entice you. Dubai is one of the only desert cities that has such splendid landscapes and skyscrapers.

It is on as the reverse of an island in the embosom of the Persian Gulf. UAE also gives a stunning view because oasis is plush green turf across the parks in the shining area around a water brink. The water font is usually a spiral or sound helix. The natural desert of the UAE gives a remarkable landscape of the region that has many tourist attractions that provide recreational occasions for everyone. Here, Chiltern TNTwill depict a list of the unique oases in the UAE that enable you to feel excellent tourist magnetism and perfect havens for families in the city of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Dubai—One of the Best Tourist Destinations in the World

Dubai is like nowhere else anywhere on the planet. With its splendid architecture and audacious lifestyle, this United Arab Emirates’ largest city has a distinct fusion of fashion and odyssey of its Bedouin heritage and an ultra-modern unique vogue and city-style all its own. Dubai doesn’t just conform up to its mind-blowing reputation; it will thoroughly groom your expectations from the vibrant lifestyle and tourism attractions. You can explore the glitz and sparkle of Dubai through an exciting series of the tour itinerary. You can then uncover the glamour and antique ancient traditions of this multifaceted city Dubai. Here we go with the ultimate Dubai travel guide with Chiltern TNT!

Places of Attraction in Dubai

From BurjKhalifa to the fabulous Ferrari World, Dubai is home to sizzling and spectacular tourist attractions that will make your trip exciting and memorable. Chiltern TNT arranges an extensive tour plan for the locals and foreigners. We bring you the list that you can explore within competitive rates of tour packages. It is the list of the most visited places in Dubai that you should not miss on your trip to Dubai. Have a sight below to see the exciting views of Dubai; read along to know more.

  • BurjKhalifa – A Marvel of Modern Architecture
  • Burj Al Arab –Structure Inspired From Sailboat
  • BaniYas Island and Jumeirah Beach – Plush Waters
  • Mall Of The Emirates – A Spellbound Place To Behold
  • Dubai Mall – Opulence of Starry World with Exemplified architecture
  • Sheikh Saeed Al – Majesty Overloaded Joy
  • Wild Wadi – Take A Dive into Silence
  • Desert Safari—A Tradition of Bedouin and Purity of the Gulf
  • Dubai Creek – Beauty At Its Awesome Straddle
  • Deira Souks – Gold Everywhere
  • Dubai Aquarium – World’s Largest Human-made Aquarium
  • Global Village – Enjoy Performances of Artists around the World
  • The Ibn Battuta Mall – Give Off To Your Vanity
  • Desert Safari – Another feature to Hop On A Camel
  • Dubai Marina – Image Of Prosperity if Dubai
  • Ferrari World – Ride with Fun in the best rides
  • Dubai Dolphinarium –Dancing Dolphins
  • Ski Dubai – Put the exceptional Talent To Good Use
  • Dubai Miracle Garden – Biggest Flower Garden–Heaven
  • The Atlantis Palm Hotel – Stay Like A King
  • The Palm Islands – Home To Luxurious Resorts
  • Sir BaniYas Island Waterpark – Beat The Sultry Heat
  • Dubai Fountain – Watch The Folk Dance
  • Bollywood Parks Dubai – Witness Live Performances
  • Dubai Underwater Zoo – Check Out Real Tamed Sharks

Our Special Packages For Dubai Tour

Dubai City Tour for AED 60 as an introductory price.

Legoland Tour

Tour Legoland with exciting fun only for AED 270.

BurjKhalifa Tour

Chiltern TNT will get you to see the head-spinning height and visit just from AED 120

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Park

We also add an itinerary to our tour package to explore the world’s unbelievable artificial water park. We introduce this package from AED 90 for local and foreign tourists.

Tourist Attractions in Abu Dhabi & Dubai

Adventure Desert Safari Combo

Lush out with a heart-throbbing package to explore the golden desert of the Gulf; Chiltern TNT introduces an AED400 package. The desert package has some amazing modules that cover some ultra-special attractions of the desert safari tour in Dubai. We also help you to get the visa for Dubai and other UAE emirates to explore as per your own accord. You can also find hoteling and hospitality services around the Emirates.

Apart from these, Chiltern helps you explore almost all Dubai tourist attractions at discounted rates and add-ons.

Why Dubai is Worth Visiting Place?

Dubai is the city of the Emirates that ranks at the top of the list in terms of tourism. We consider the airlines that go en route directly Dubai to otherworld countries such as from NYC to Dubai to be one of the main tourism sources. The airlines and travelers prefer to visit Dubai for a 2 for 1 deal airfare which is a great idea! Chiltern TNT has dealt with the airlines that have deals further with the tourists. We often receive visitors who apply for tour visa through us.

You can fly from several cities across the US and Canada, so we do suggest signing up on our website to get better facilities to explore this world of wonders. We also give you free layovers in Dubai. Furthermore, we also meet all international standards and requirements for tourism in Dubai. We facilitate the people who are benefitting from traveling to other countries on different airlines to take an in Dubai on the way to explore it with us.

Al-Ain Tour

Al Ain Tourist Attraction in Abu Dhabi is one of the most amazing natural and historic oases in the UAE is Al Ain oasis. It spreads more than 3,000 acres and takes you back with flashback history in the time when nomadic settlers circa four millennia ago first inhabited this barren desert and the entire region. In 2011, Al Ain Oasis became a UNESCO takes Al Ain into a World Heritage Site. With a couple of modern embellishments, it was finally opened for the local and international tourists. These involved, among other factors, such as the construction here of an Eco-Centre as well as palm tree shadowed trails along with the 147,000 date palms borough.

As far as your concern that how water sources are managed and where plowing water comes from. The answer makes you even excited to visit this oasis; the palm tree boulevards have a shared water supply that depicts and modern and traditional conduits of watering with both wells and the locally traditional ‘falaj’ irrigation system. The water is sucked by both electric pumps and old wells that tap into underground wells to gush out water at table level. Last month when a group of tourists visited this place, they get into the spell of such an otherworldly place.

Thanks to being located in Al-Mutawa, the stunning Al-Ain Oasis showcases one of the best dwellings to visit during a tourism trip to Al Ain with us. Local and foreign tourists should note that the Al Ain Oasis tour timings are from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm everyday, including weekends. However, for information to the tourists. Chiltern T&T lets you know that shops, cafes, restaurants, and other amenities in the area remain open from 12:00 pm to 09:00 pm so that you could better plan your tour with us.

al ain

What is Special With Al Ain City Tour?

To begin with, the Al Ain city tour has to offer a very famous traditional camel market. Camel is commonly called the ship of the desert, so your tour will be incomplete without taking a look at the camels. European tourists mostly come and see here a good range of camel breeds. You will also come to see the aces between the breeds. Chiltern TNT brings an extensive tour that also covers Al-Ain zoo, another awesome place for the kids and adults. With many rare and amazing animals that are hardly found anywhere else in the world or other places.

With Chiltern Travel and Tour, this will be a four to five-hour trip. Al-Ain mall adds another beauty to the famous tourist attractions’ list as it has a shopping spree for the tourists and everyone who loves to take personal keepsake for their loved ones when they go back to their home. You will have here a great number of tourists and other people from different countries in the world at this shopping Mall. It is a splendiferous entertaining mall in the true sense. It is also famous for Al Ain Jahili Fort that has a lot to offer, such as the pre-historic depiction. If a tourist is interested in making a tour of the history of Al Ain, we are here to add some great additional info by our professional tour guides. You should definitely visit this place and learn more from us.

Finally, Al Ain is also very famous for the largest oasis of Al Ain, and I guess if I give any description about it so it won’t be justifiable enough as the beauty of this place cannot be explained in words. Moreover, the reason behind all of the said facts and descriptions is to make you enthusiastic enough for your likely Al Ain city tour.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and get your slot booked with Chiltern Travel & Tour. You can Book your package now for the Al Ain city tour through our website or contact numbers. It is a great chance to get to explore this antique city of the Arabian Gulf! Here you can find the package tour and itinerary so that it could facilitate you to book your best holiday contracts and exciting offers.

Itinerary For Al Ain Tour
  • Pick from Your Hotel or location
  • Al-Ain Historic Museum
  • Al-Ain Oasis
  • Al-Ain Fort
  • Visit Archaeological Park
  • Al-Ain Mall -OR- Bawadi Mall
  • Traditional Camel Market ( Ticket not Included )
  • Warm Water Springs
  • Al-Ain Zoo
  • Stunning Border of Oman
  • Jebel Hafeet Mountain ( the second highest mountain in the UAE )
  • Drop back to your location

Chiltern TNT will also get you to roam around the Drive through Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Ain Museum and Zoo (Tickets included), Al Ain Oasis Exploration, Al Ain Fort and Al Ain Mall, Archaeological Park, Traditional Camel Market, Warm Water Spring, Jabel Hafeet Mountain and Border of Oman all included in the itinerary package of the Chiltern TNT Al Ain tour for AED 490 for adult tourist and AED 440 for kids. However, we also entertain if you want to add some additional excursions to the trip.

Abu Dhabi

Welcome to the Capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Abu Dhabi is fabulously situated on the brink of Persian Gulf Island. It has a wonderful course of tourist attractions with its world-famous architectures that cast a spell on the visitors along with showing this majestic work of mankind. With ultramodern shopping plazas, you will experience an awe-inspiring feeling of being distinctive. Th adventure-sport destinations and playland arena, and cultural monuments are some of the places in Abu Dhabi to attract. The city is a perfect combination of modern culture and traditional ethos – truly a paradise for visitors from across the world.

This moderate and capital city of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, is also an industrious and commercial hub of a local and international conglomerate with a well-managed business venture. You will find a wide range of several tourist attractions that bring a throng of tourists all around the world. So, if you are planning to visit the UAE, keep Abu Dhabi on your list. Chiltern Travel & Tour will bring you the best of packages and itineraries to explore UAE. We also provide a sightseeing Bus service for the explorations of major sightseeing tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi that you should visit and know about.

Tourist Attractions in Abu Dhabi

Chiltern TNT adds a special tour package in the field of tourism in Abu Dhabi. We start a joint venture with the local tourism contractors to reserve tickets for our valued customers. It means now you don’t have to be standing in long and tiresome queues to collect tickets and passes for entry to such tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi. Here we bring you a tour package and a list of attractions worth visiting in Abu Dhabi.

Ferrari World

The Ferrari-themed park is presented by a renowned Ferrari car manufacturing company. It is located in Yas Island, which is the biggest indoor amusement park in the world. As the Italian car brand powers it, so, this indoor park is equipped with the latest trends of machinery and motors. Everything related to Ferrari through heart-shaking rides you will find here. Chiltern TNT brings packages from small rides for children to car adventures.

Ferrari World is a complete place to visit for tourists of all ages. However, if you have a joint backbone problem, we urge you to consult with your doctor. Frosted and tempered glass and steel are the primary partsin shaping and crafting the design of the Ferrari world to cut down on the temperature effect of the desert heat. Our package goes for AED 535 in 12 Hour tour in the Abu Dhabi City Ferrari World tour itinerary. As Ferrari World is home to the fastest roller coasters, Ferrari World Park is, without hesitation, a majestic tourist spot in Abu Dhabi.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

It was inaugurated in 2007 after almost 20 years of construction. With the capacity to hold 40,000 praying worshippers, it is the largest mosque in the Persian Gulf and the United Arab Emirates.You can see a view of Islam through its Islamic architecture and the Muslim art of calligraphy. Like the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Fujairah, it is named after the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al-Nahyan. Chiltern TNT is one of those travel agencies in the world that does not charge dishonestly as entry to the mosque is free. Our guide will tell you how to remain and observe the manners of the masjid.

Louvre Abu Dhabi

Louvre Abu Dhabi smidgeons the history in its entirety to know all about humanity’s artistic achievements, from the mind-blowing Neolithic right-up to the current day; this museum represents the history of arts from eon to until now. The affluence and assortment of arts on display, from antique Egyptian sculptures to celebrated paintings by Picasso, are some of the mind-boggling artifacts in Abu Dhabi’s museum. While the museum depicts contemporary architecture, yet its galleries curated under a gigantic silver dome are a reason to explore in itself. Chiltern TNT lets our tourists see the range of galleries along with some other add-ons only for AED 275.

Abu Dhabi Sightseeing Bus Tour

Arabic architecture with blends of ultra-modern patches turns dreams into futuristic fantasy on our Abu Dhabi sightseeing city bus tour. Chiltern TNT has collaborations with Hop on Hop Off Bus services for tourism. This Bus service is dedicated to those who want to feel they are moving into fantasy to discover all the must-see revolutions of architecture from the open-top buses. Hop on Hop off Buses are to explore the rich tradition at the Grand Mosque and prominent Heritage Village. The marvel of the bus tour gives you experience at the new Louvre and its treasures, and chase the tiding thrills at Baniyas Island’s high-octane theme world parks. Our Sightseeing bus tour takes you to spend only AED200 with a lot of things to catch a glimpse of.


Sharjah, otherwise known as the traditional & cultural capital of the UAE. It is a neighboring emirate of glamorous Queen of the Emirates–Dubai. Sharjah is also one of the major economic hubs in the UAE. Despite its closeness to Dubai, Sharjah is typically different from the openness of the West-inspired environment with its own Islamic and heritage distinctive culture and traditions.

Sharjah gives you a view of its many museums and stands forth opportunities for art and history education and fun trips of the tour. Sharjah is becoming a top tourist place in the tourism arena that allures foreign tourists and explorers. Chiltern Travel and Tour covering the entire tourist attractions of the UAE brings you a list of places to visit Sharjah on competitive charges offered by the Chiltern Travel & Tour—a name of the reliable tourism agency in the UAE.

East Coast & Sharjah City Tour

This package engulfs all travel and tour destinations in Sharjah. Chiltern brings you the deal to explore an exciting itinerary of Sharjah Tourism Attractions.

Tour Inclusions

  • Pick from your Hotel, Residence, Apartment
  • Guided tour of Sharjah and Ajman
  • Visit the King Faisal Mosque
  • Visit to Al Ittihad Monument
  • Photoshoot at The Rulers Old Palace
  • The Natural History Museum and Archeological Museum
  • Exploration at Blue Souk
  • Historical Ajman Museum
  • Sharjah Ajman Beach Trip
  • Sharjah Gold Market (Souq)
  • Refreshment with Cold & Soft Soda Drinks

Along with offering all visiting collections of the UAE, we offer AED 590 for adults and AED 530 for kids. Aside from this tour, Chiltern TNT has another package for Sharjah City Tour, and it is suitable for those who want to cover all tourist destinations within a few hours and also with lower charges as AED 340 per person. Whatever the tourist attraction of the UAE is, Chiltern Travel & Tour will be ahead of you to offer attractive and affordable packages. We also offer tour visas and airline tickets for visitors all over the world. You don’t have to go elsewhere; all of your tourism concerns meet here with us. We are ever-ready to serve you better, from airline tickets to hotel accommodation and tour package to tourism attraction explorations.