How UAE a Land of Tolerance, Peace, and Progress

IS UAE a Safe Country to Travel? The UAE has been a symbol of peace and tolerance in the world since it has come into being in 1971. It has been implementing the same peace treaties among the countries. This was further assured when the nation celebrated 2019 as the ‘Year of Tolerance’ as the country secure its positions as a role model of inter-faith harmony and diversity. Among many initiatives is ‘Tolerance Talks 2019’, a chain of seminars that features renowned leaders, notably Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak

Al Nahyan, the Minister of Tolerance, to present the great ideals and conveyance of tolerance for the UAE to seek to give to the rest of the world. It is reported that the forthcoming Shilanyas (milestone foundation laying ceremony) of the Bochasanwasi Akshar Purushottam Sanstha Hindu Mandir in the heart of Abu Dhabi City is obviously a milestone in the UAE’s history of tradition towards tolerance and a testament to its archetypal track record as a land of tolerance, peace, and progress among the multi-racial cultures and religions. In terms of racial harmony and peaceful collateral co-existence.

The further advent of Pope Francis in February 2019 ushers another example of peaceful tolerance in miscellany among the multi-cultural residents.

International Recognition

It is said that the peace treaty has been signed between Israel and the UAE, which is a remarkable landmark chapter in the history of the UAE. As Prof. Colin Coulson Thomas, who is a President of the Institute of Management Services, said about Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan that he should be appreciated and endorsed for his strengthening steps of tolerance in his Official role. The Dubai UAE City Tour holds a long history of being uncluttered to goodwill initiatives. Markets and businesses of the various types and great availability of a variety of commodities have been recognized in the UAE market. Commendable tolerance can steer to more lively discussion and debate among the stakeholders. It would definitely result in the UAE gaining a similar standing for excellence in the exchange of stances.

In addition to his statement, Professor Thomas also exerted his opinion that vital centers of interfaith learning and undisputable depositories of different cultures and races of information used to live a peaceful life in the Gulf region. Global Market analysts in diverse fields say that, along with the observers of the observatory Night Skies, came together to shove out the frontiers of our understandings and perceptions.  Undertaking some of the focal challenges being faced by mankind needs more than financial change. The UAE could be a reagent of peace and tolerance across the globe by bringing about a new age of illumination. Leader in OSLJ at International Governance Institute and Director-General independent peace observatory in UK and Europe also passed the same comments over the peace and tolerance practiced by the UAE.

Institute of Directorates in India and Pakistani foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi also lauded the peacekeeping and peace initiative taken by the UAE. Distinguished Professor and President of Council of International Advisers also emphasized that the world should learn from the UAE that breaks the long-standing tie with Israel.

Way of Peace Creating Strategy

UAE enjoys a great history of peace and harmony with all world countries. Perhaps the only thing one should be learned from the UAE is tolerance itself. Tolerance unites the scattered ones. It creates harmony and peace. While intolerance can make people disgusted who are ‘different’ to an unacceptable than the ‘norm’ feels that they are ex-pats.  Intolerance curbs and restricts. It casts people under stress to kowtow and plays the hatred game.

For Most people, it signifies a clear note to the people. UAE adopted a strategy to observe peace and tolerance. However, its pragmatic steps are undeniable in fact. Likewise, outsiders work and give more potential to whatever they want to achieve; they can never undergo disappointment with the UAE laws and regulations. Tolerance is welcoming them all from around the world. It can forma strong bridge between various communities, races, creeds, classes, nationalities, and religions.

That is what encourages and enthuses mutual respect among different sentiments and belvederes. It will also reassure people to wish and to dream of being in the UAE. That is another factor behind the formation of the UAE as a progressive country. Tolerance can yoke rather than the rift. It inspires huge number of people to focus on the development of the UAE. This way, they know the compensation will be received what they partake in common rather than being divided upon where they differ in aim. Dubai and Abu Dhabi progressed in such a fusion that no country would have progressed that way. UAE has this beautiful secret behind the triumphal development in the world. So no more question to ask “IS UAE a Safe Country to Travel”

Galaxy of Various Nationalities

Tolerance observed by the UAE sends out an inspiring message to the entire world. It is also one of the signs to welcome global citizens and races to invest and reside in the UAE. So proposes liberty to explore tour, innovate and learn that you may not find such in other parts of the world. This moment could bond cultures and communities together with restive spirits and guide in a new epoch of growth insanitation and water management and steps for coping with climate change.

Echoing an optimistic message and view on tolerance, a professor at the Chair of Social Sciences in Zayed University also commented that a good number of powerful countries around the globe are flattering inward-looking, from the US to China. It is also becoming odder for countries to be looking centrifugally to make stronger ties with other world countries–however, for a state to look at its own diverse cultures in celebration and admiration deserves commendable applause, and this also deserves acclaim. The UAE awesomely arises to be an island of multiculturalism and mutual Harmony and tolerance, not only for the local residents of the UAE but also for the entire world communities as a whole.

Other Pillars of UAE Peace Epitome

As a potpourri of different nations, we are not just tolerant to our other country fellow but also to every other person other than of our country or race here in the UAE. Local laws and regulations actively allow you to celebrate and thrive in your diversity as per your notion. We mostly communicate with each other through an exotic language (whether be it English, Spanish or Arabic) that many people in the UAE don’t speak perfectly well.

We work with international workers here in the USE and learn their different ways and ideas on religion and social customs. As we learn from one another, we build up quality bridges between us. UAE is the place that we embrace each other with an open heart and lovely stance of this tolerant country. People wish each other earnest words on Hindu Muslim festivals such as Diwali, Eid, and Christmas. UAE render people to get united in bonding to regularly familiarize with each other, and this may steer us to keep hope and sign of peace in the tense at times. However, living in UAE also means that we live on this very planet, where mutual respect and tolerance are the focal facts to get encouraged; it leads to a sense of satisfaction. The satisfaction of being human is in so many exciting ways.

The message of Peace From UAE to World

So what message goes of such a society to give out to a global community today. Where we make our lives contending in a world, which is beyond ideas of the union? We make a great sense that we would not say we live in a world far from the boundaries today. Unless we see the unique world of the UE. More or less primarily centered on geographical or cultural epitome. UAE has overshadowed many countries in the world. Instead, we are distinctly reach to healthcare facilities and quality education. And access to smart technologies, regardless of gender discrimination, minority abomination, and general differences, etc. UAE is great to negate all these barriers and differences.

What is more conveniently accessible in today’s world is information, and this means. That global youth is more knowledgeable than ever about media, messages, and innovative ideas ensuing from all around the world. I would like to think that our youth sees UAE as the most peaceful country in the world. And particularly in this world of hatred and spats, UAE gives access to its own and foreign citizens by facilitating them.

They feel that they are better treated and able to deal with alteration than their previous cohorts ever were. They are able to grasp out global concepts of business in the UAE. As one forum performance, global trends, with their own custom of home to practice in the UAE. This country is much better than the rest of the world. And more than it had ever been before in the past.  UAE is cashing out the youth as they will be the group of tolerance, in the truest sense.

Final Thoughts – IS UAE a Safe Country to Travel

Endorsing similar thoughts as an analyst for IS UAE a Safe Country to Travel?, I would like to humbly request you to note the potential and importance of the idea. The UAE society island to the people from over 200 countries. Such an immense diversity renders it a melting crock of cultures, and every single day. This diversity is being enthused and celebrated.

Although there are geopolitical struggles, voices of dissent, and displeasure in other parts of the Arabic region. The UAE stands out to be tall as personification of peace and harmony. The government of the UAE ensures that we, the residents and non-residents. Live here around the emirates in a safe and crime-free atmosphere. It is this constancy and security that crafts it a huge draw for the investors, students, engineers. And medical professionals, and entrepreneurs alike for all world countries.

Nurturing tolerance and uncomplaining people of miscellaneous races, faiths, cultures. And social backgrounds add to form the unique socio-cultural fabric of this unique nation on the planet. It makes the whole world proud that here in the UAE culturally rich new world has come to existence. That is well aware of each other’s rights and respect. This enhances their cultural measures to look distinctive.

The exposure of the world nations with a question IS UAE a Safe Country to Travel to the United Arab Emirates has shaped this country to become global citizens’ hub. The county also gives a therapeutic sense of life to the people who are empathetic, culturally acknowledged, and perceptible. As the UAE nowadays is weighed as the microcosm of the world. The global business community and professionals are looking forward to being forerunners of peace. These qualities make UAE a good symbol for global investors. And where they can choose to go and start a career they of their own accord. To pursue in the future of the advanced world. Read More about 6 Emirates States Tour