1- Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

Tropical Garden Nong Noch Tourist places in Pattaya for families, Thailand

Walking among the greenery is wonderful, clears the mind, and gets rid of negative energy, so if your next destination is tourism in Pattaya, do not miss the opportunity and head immediately to the tropical garden of Nong Noch this wonderful garden with beautiful landscapes.

It is worth noting that Nong Noch Park is considered one of the best tourist places in Pattaya for families, due to its calm and clean air, in addition to providing the gardeners with a set of bicycles, which allows you to roam around the park in a short time, by renting any of them at a symbolic price.

The Tropical Garden in Pattaya contains tropical palm gardens and wonderful orchid nurseries, in addition to gardens dedicated to cacti and rare plants, so do not miss the opportunity and head immediately to the Tropical Garden in Pattaya.

2- Mini Siam Garden

Mini Siam Garden Pattaya Thailand Tours

Traveling and moving around the world is exciting, and the Thai city of Pattaya will enable you to do that by heading to Mini Siam Park, this park, which is a small global village, many consider Mini Siam Park the first destination for Pattaya tourist trips, as it includes the most important landmarks In the world.

The garden contains sculptures that are completely identical to the most important landmarks of the countries, the most famous of which is the sculpture of the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and the sculpture of the Statue of Liberty. in Pattaya.

3- Cartoon Network Amazone park

Cartoon Network Amazon Garden Travel to Pattaya Thailand

Pattaya trips are not without a visit to the Cartoon Network Amazon Park, this water park with fun entertainment games, we can not consider the Cartoon Network Amazon Park for children only, because it is a park suitable for all ages, it is divided into two parts, the first for children, and the second section includes A variety of water games for adults.

The Amazon Garden gives you a golden opportunity to clear your mind and enjoy your time with family and friends. It also provides you with a full day of fun, as it includes a group of restaurants, some of which offer local food, and some of them provide you with international food such as pizza and burgers, so do not miss this golden opportunity to entertain, and have the most beautiful time ever in Pattaya.

4- Underwater World Pattaya

Underwater World Pattaya Tourist Places in Pattaya Thailand

Traveling to Pattaya will take you to the borders of an underwater world. This unique center will allow you to delve into the depths of the seas, see a variety of fish, including sharks and coral reefs, as well as ornamental fish of dazzling colors. This center includes more than five thousand species of sea creatures.

Suppose you are interested in the sea world. In that case, we advise you not to miss visiting the underwater world, as it is the most attractive for tourists and lovers of this blue world full of secrets.

5- Million Years Stone Park & ​​Pattaya Crocodile Farm

Million Years Rock Garden and Crocodile Farm Pattaya Thailand Tours

Heading to the Million Years Rock Park and the crocodile farm can be part of your trip to Pattaya. This spacious park has a variety of attractions for the tourist, including the green nature that surrounds you from all directions, in addition to the fun shows of crocodiles, so you have to take your camera, to capture The most beautiful pictures in the company of crocodiles, and other animals such as giraffes and elephants, and depicting the interesting performances carried out by the trainers.

6- Sriracha Tiger Zoo

Sriracha Tiger Zoo Pattaya Tourism Thailand

Visiting Sriracha Tiger Zoo is fun and exciting, especially if traveling to Pattaya with the family. This is most favorite children destinations in the city at all. Here you can watch the funniest shows about tigers, crocodiles, and elephants, so you should bring the brochure for the dates of the shows; So you can see them all.

You can also take the most beautiful pictures around the park, accompanied by trained tigers. In addition to taking special pictures with the giant models around, it is a very special tourist destination.

7- Ramayana Water Park

Ramyana Water Park Tours Pattaya Honeymoon Thailand

Ramayana Water Park is considered one of the best tourist places in Pattaya, as it is a fun park for all ages. High-tech water games are suitable for young and old, so this park is a favorite haven for families. It is worth mentioning that Ramayana Water Park is characterized by the availability of all the services that the visitor needs.

The park offers many local and international restaurants, and its visitors confirmed that the prices of the meals served in the restaurants are reasonable, so it is one of the best tourism centers in Pattaya and the most fun and exciting.

8- Elephant Village in Pattaya Elephant Village

Elephant Village in Pattaya Tours in Pattaya Thailand

If you love animals, especially elephants, we advise you not to miss visiting the Elephant Village in Pattaya, this wonderful village that specializes only in elephants. In this distinctive village, you can watch the fun elephant shows, which attract children in particular. Here you can watch a football match for elephants. It is an amazing thing.

The ball show is not the only show the park offers, there is a variety of activities that you can learn about, and you can also get a closer look at the daily lifestyle of this peaceful creature, so we advise you to visit the elephant village if tourism in Pattaya is your next destination.