Malaysia is a crown jewel located at the very end of Southeast Asia, and along the Straits of Malacca, it has set out to meet the Indonesian islands and Java. It is a nation that clearly. Malaysia is a crown jewel located at the very end of Southeast Asia, and along the Straits of Malacca, it has set out to meet the Indonesian islands and Java.

This is a nation that is divided into two parts.

To the west is Bill Malay. The old stronghold of British colonial power, which now resonates in Penang with the electric city of Kuala Lumpur and the multicultural UNESCO city.

To the east is the wild and wrong top hill Borneo.

Here the orangutans swing in the Old Forest, the ancient volcanic dome looms over the head, the beaches go by turtles instead of sunbatters, and the fishing cities in the Black Sea stretch into the China Sea.

This beautiful country is enough to see why so many people choose to travel here, whether it’s the tea-scented Cameroon Mountains, the pearly waters of Sepadan, the capital’s ridiculous markets, the monuments. Why come for? Malacca 

1-Kuala Lumpur

Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur – Robb Report

Located in the center by two great spires of the Petronas Towers, Kotallalpur is full of bazaars and fast-moving hawker bazaars down Petaling Street, a recreational city – full of the energy of bucket banting and the scent of everything. So prevents chou mien from sizzling Portuguese fish barbecue. It is one of the world’s multicultural metropolises, with lantern-lit Chinatown taking part in Nepali curry houses and Indian baggy kitchen districts.

In addition to the serene views of the city from the countless sky bars, you can visit the mysterious Batu Caves and some famous Islamic art institutions.


Malacca, Malaysia in Photos — Savvy Dispatches

The red pepper church and the colonial front space that encircles the narrow streets of the Queen’s charming sorcerers are undoubtedly one of Malaysia’s great draws. Formed for decades under colonial rule by the Portuguese, Dutch, and then British, the city we see today was once home to a powerful trading power on the peninsula’s shores.

With the conquest of the Strait of Malacca, he saw that everything from silk transport to spice caravans to troops passed through its ports. Today, the Maritime Museum of the Past is helping to open up this past, along with a night market in a market under Junker Walk, which is the best in the country!


18 Things to Know Before You Go to Penang, Malaysia

Penang is defined as the smallest right in Southeast Asia.

It’s easy to see why. In the town of Georgetown, clicking on rickshaws to create the smoky Cantonese kitchen of the past, the blue mansion from the 19th century, and the ancient relics of the British past – it’s no surprise that the whole place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Has come under the Covenant of Inheritance. You can expect an amazing food medley to try, including Indian curry and Chinese pancakes.

And then some beaches glow in deep blues and golden yellows at Batu Firanghi and rows of coconut palms on the shores of Georgia Island.

4-Gunung Molo National Park

Gunung Mulu National Park, Malaysia - Facts, Location, Best time to visit

The raging bones and ancient waves of Gunung Molo National Park hardly fail to capture the imagination.

The park itself (another UNESCO site) represents one of these last cantonments of uninhabited land and the most difficult reservoirs to visit in all parts of Borneo – on the asphalt of the little Mollo. You have to take a seductive plane to get there. A 12-hour riverboat through the airport or a snake-infested forest.

Reward? Rapid forests where helmeted hornbills roar. Deep and sting cave system peels from rare bats. More trekking than swinging canopy bridges. You are the mighty loser of Mount Api. The list goes on.


What d'HELL: The Langkawi Sky Bridge in Malaysia

Crossing the border with Thailand, where the Egg becomes the Malakan Strait in the far north of the country, Lancashire is a strong, slow-moving place that offers real food for the tropics. Overflowing from the famous shores of Puntai Sening’s Water Ports Shelter, or the deserted, rocky sands of Pantai Coke, he found himself exposed to the sun, sea, sand, SCBA, and some pampering. Established as a place.

For the last time, you can head to all the 5 star comprehensive resorts hidden in the coconut groves of Datai Bay. And for adventure, you can take shoes and trek to the vibrant Seven Wells or hit the forest’s most fertile sky bridge.

6-Taman Nigara National Park

Taman Negara National Park | Tailor-Made Vacations | Audley Travel

Taman Nigara is a vast green ornament located in the center of the Malay Peninsula. Total ping, covering 3 square kilometers, is the longest in the rainforest (some of the oldest established wildlands globally, some say) and the winding rivers where elephants can be seen playing basketball on the muddy shores. Is.

Today, Taman Negara is being picked up in Malaysia’s Ecotourism Mecca, and travelers can travel long distances by walking on swing rope bridges, exploring tree-lined trails, and exploring deviant Malayan tigers, beautiful wild macaws, Indian elephants. So come for Golfing Guarz – List Continues!

7-Cameron Hills

10 Best Cameron Highlands Hotels - 2021 Preferred Hotels (Free Cancellation)

At an altitude of above a thousand meters in the lower part of the Malay Peninsula, this mountain station was known as the Cameron Highlands hardly fails to catch its breath.

It rises to the surface of the mighty main range between Penang and KL, in the pockets of rain and emerald green tea fields.

The unique microclimate and cool temperatures prevailing in the hilly areas make this region the perfect incubator for the fascinating flora and fauna. The terrifying vastness of the villages with buttock brunching and rustic tea on the hiking trails. And even cultural competitions with local Aurangzeb are promised. Original Aborigines.

8-Islands Pehnia

The best way to visit the Perhentian Islands in Malaysia

The island of Pehnia is beautiful with all the good looks and sun kisses, which you would expect to be a peninsular setrope at the entrance to Thailand.

Surrounded by shiny grains of coral grease, they are usually obtained from the Koala Basut boat.

Located on the east coast of Malaya, it keeps them from crowding to the pinnacle of Penning, great if you kick off after long and slow days between Turtle Beach and Coral Bay.

But this is not the case.

With popular sites like Pinkal and Sugar Rack, scuba diving is an option.

There are hiking trails in the forest, where you will find large lizards and snakes.

And there are some great fishing nets in the evening.

9-Semang Goh Nature Reserve

The Borneo Orangutan is critically endangered. Semenggoh Reserve in  Malaysia provides critical habitat for them - Ecology and the Environment -  Science Forums

Seaweed continues to rule as one of Borneo’s weakest natural jewels.

Coaching is located at the very bottom of the city. This virgin erupts in the rainforest that rises with the peaks of the great land of Sarawak.

Between its borders are fiery trees and swaying forest branches, all in blooming papaya and banana trees.

A 25-year-old resident pack has set them up, the biggest reason being that thousands of people come like this every year! (There is a popular repository based on the Seming Goh that allows for very close and personal competition with these fascinating gems.)

10-Baku National Park

Sarawak Bako National Park Tour 2021 - Kuching

On the other side of the coaching from Semangguo to the pearly waters of the South China Sea, Baku National Park is also worth a visit – especially if you have come to Malaysia for its jungle forests and beautiful backcountry.

The scenery can change dramatically from coast to coast, with sandstone cliffs and sheer cliffs and dense forests with grassy forests dominating the background.

This creates many animals, including the giant monitor lizard and the funny probosci’s monkey.

Walking trails cover the entire park, uniting the forest, mangroves, and coastal suburbs.