What is good for Bali Island? What attracts the attention of tourists?
The island is rich in beaches and ancient natural beauty. After spending a day on the beach in the hot sun, you will realize what a real holiday it is. The Indian Ocean and white sand will squeeze everyday problems into the background.

If you don’t have a leisurely holiday, you can enjoy the enchanting Indonesian culture by visiting the places of worship. The city is known for the only monkey forest in the world. And in the village of Petolo, you can see the migration of herbs from afar. Locals are urged to visit the holy site of Gaia. Indonesian culture is unique, it is very different from our traditions and customs.

1- Sukawati Art Market

Sukawati Art Market, Beaches, Bali, IndonesiaOne of the best places in Bali that you can visit to shop for souvenirs, gifts, and various other goods, through many and small stalls at low prices and good buying deals as long as you are good at negotiating and bargaining with sellers on the price.

Sukawati Folk Market is similar to Ubud Central Market, but with larger crowds of vendors and tourists and a larger and more diverse range of goods, including clothing and textiles, wood and wicker crafts, souvenirs, and light gifts.

Sukawati Art Market is the most visited tourist destination in Bali among tourists to buy gifts for their loved ones at affordable prices.

2- Tetra Ganga

Tirta Ganga honeymoon in Bali, IndonesiaTirta Ganga is a village that beautifully embodies the beautiful nature of Bali, which makes it one of the most beautiful and best places to visit alone or with family and children when traveling to Bali, and it is also one of the best honeymoon places on the charming island.

Tirta Ganga offers large areas of lawns and green flowered gardens in a Bahian landscape, with a range of shallow tiled ponds and lakes safe for children and adults amusement, some water games, and ornamental fish at the bottom.

The area also includes a number of artfully decorated bridges and fountains, carved statues, and dazzling monuments that are unmistakable for a camera.

If you wish to stay amidst all this beauty, Tirta Ganga, which extends over an area of ​​1.2 hectares, provides you with atop Agang Hill in eastern Bali; A collection of traditional log cabins and fabulous legendary villas for a refined stay.

3- Ubud Royal Palace

Ubud Royal Palace Bali Indonesia TourismOne of Bali’s most famous tourist attractions is Ubud, the main district of the city and its historical and cultural center. It is the largest palace among the palaces of the ancient royal district.

The “Puri Sarin Agung Palace,” known as the “Ubud Royal Palace,” is distinguished by its traditional architectural design drawn from the local culture. At the same time, it is famous for its huge ornate gates, the sculptures that decorate its outdoor courtyard, and its rich possessions, in addition to its elegant, well-groomed gardens.

After enjoying an organized tour inside the majestic palace during the day, you can attend an interesting show of local folk art at night.

4- Bajra Sandhi Monument

Bajra Sandhi Monument Travel to Bali IndonesiaBajra Sandhi Monument is one of the most important tourist attractions in Bali at all to learn about the ancient struggle history of the island since prehistoric times; Where the primitive history of Bali, then the agricultural era, up to the Dutch colonial era, and the attainment of independence in the mid-1940s, through eight tall columns reviewing the life cycle of the ancient island.

The monument with an iron gate and eight bell-shaped columns is located at the height of 45 meters and an area of ​​4900 m 2 in the Denpasar district, facing the governor’s residence.

By visiting the monument, accompanied by a local guide, you can listen to stories and tales inspired by the history of the island and the country while enjoying a panoramic view of the area through the lookout observatory, or relax and relax amidst the picturesque landscapes provided by the nearby gardens and meadows.

It is worth noting that the visit to the Bajra Sandhi monument is not free and is for a fee.

  • Likely time to visit Bajra Sandhi monument: 1 hour and a half.

5- Blanco Renaissance Museum

Blanco Renaissance Museum Bali Honeymoon IndonesiaOne of the landmarks of Bali that will make you feel like you are in the heart of Europe; Because of the architectural design derived from the famous European Baroque art, combined with the beauty of tropical nature and worn hills rich in description and definition.

It is worth noting that the museum is originally attributed to the Indonesian artist and maestro “Don Antonio Blanco,” as it was his palace and residence in Ubud and his city of Bali.

As a tourist, during your tour of the museum, you can enjoy its precious holdings such as the musical pieces of the great comprehensive artist, see his wonderful paintings, and read his ornate poems while enjoying the beauty of the Baroque palace from the outside and inside and the beauty of the picturesque nature surrounding it.

  • Likely time to visit the Blanco Renaissance Museum: an hour and a half.

In conclusion, dear tourist, and after we have discussed with you the most important tourist areas in the Bali Islands, which enjoy a stunning tropical nature, and are breathtaking and not devoid of the cool breezes of beaches and cool waterfalls in the presence of a rich religious and cultural history, do not hesitate to travel to Bali and enjoy all this beauty!