The United Kingdom is a diverse and multicultural society with exceptional global links. The investor visa is the first step towards permanent residence in the United Kingdom, which ends with obtaining the citizenship of the United Kingdom. The British Investor Visa allows you to travel without a passport throughout the Common Travel Area of ​​the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Download the brochure.

Are you looking for a different, thriving, and ideal location to be your home? Look no further than the United Kingdom, the economic and cultural center with one of the best standards of living in the world.

Residency in the UK gives you access to a world of exclusive benefits, including a multicultural community, an outstanding level of education, an extensive network of public and private schools, more than 150 universities and institutions of higher education, and one of the best free medical care services in the world.

  • Visa-free travel throughout the UK and the Common Travel Area
  • Fast track applications available within 24 hours
  • Rising living standards
  • Provides free medical care
  • Exceeding education standards
  • There are 150 universities and institutions of higher education
  • Living in a liberal multicultural society
  • The main financial, commercial and cultural center
  • Having an ideal location for international business
  • Attractive tax systems

The Immigrant Investor

The program allows applicants to apply for an indefinite stay (permanent residence) permit that requires significant investments in UK corporate bonds, UK stocks, or pooled investments in UK government-backed funds.

  • Investment of £2 million (permanent residence after five years)
  •  Investment of 5 million pounds sterling (permanent residence after three years)
  • Investment of £10 million (permanent residence after two years)


Applicants must be able to:

  • Maintain themselves and any dependents who do not have a job.
  • Take care of themselves and any dependents they do not have a job.
  • Make the UK their main home.
  • Spend 50% of their time in the UK.