Welcome to the capital of the Dodecanese Islands or the island of Rhodes, one of the famous islands within the Greek islands. It is known as the Island of the Knights. It is a lovely perfect island for people who want to relax and spend their holidays, and it is favored to visit during Greece’s tourism excursions.

Rhodes is most famous for its giant bronze statue of Rhodes, which is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, but was destroyed by a strong earthquake. The ancient city of Rhodes has now been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Extended and that makes your trip to Greece fabulously special, it is the place you are looking for on this trip.

The three most important sights on the island of Rhodes:

1- The Grand Master’s Palace of the Knights of Rhodes

For those who are interested in archaeological and architectural monuments, we advise them when traveling to Greece to visit the monuments in the ancient city of Rhodes, the most famous of which is the “Palace of the Great Master,” which was initially a Byzantine castle built at the end of the 7th century AD representing Gothic architecture. It was converted in the early 14th century to be the headquarters of The Grand Master of the Knights of Saint John and the administrative offices. Still, now it has been turned into a museum, a visit to this palace should not be missed as part of a tourism trip in Greece.

2- Lindos Acropolis

On top of a steep rock above the ancient village of Lindos, there you will find the impressive Acropolis Temple with its ancient and medieval ruins. You see the remains of buildings from the antiquity, the Byzantine era, and the era of the Knights, such as the Temple of Athena Lindia from the 4th century BC, the Great Hellenistic Corridor, the Byzantine Church of the Knights of Saint John, and of course besides this you will enjoy amazing views of the city and the sea, it is a distinctive experience that should not be missed during Your visit to the island of Rhodes.

 3- Anthony Quinn Bay

When traveling to Greece, remember that your tourist trip in Greece will not be complete without seeing this picturesque beach named after the Mexican American actor and director “Anthony Quinn,” as he purchased an isolated bay on the island of Rhodes to establish an international center for artists and filmmakers after filming a movie in Rhodes, Which led to the fame of this island. Anthony Quinn Bay is located on the road between the island of Rhodes and Lindos and is considered one of the most beautiful bays on the Greek islands. And is characterized by its clear waters, and it is usually crowded with tourists most of the year.