The ancient city of Nelspruit, and now Mbombela since November 2013. Mbombela is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in South Africa, through which you can learn about the entire history of the country.

Nelspruit is located in eastern South Africa and is the capital of Mpumalanga Province, located on the Crocodile River. Its founding dates back to 1893 AD and was a small settlement until the discovery of the goldfields for which it is famous in the late 19th century, which stimulated many immigrants to stay there. As for the tourism level, Bombilla is full of natural and recreational tourist attractions and international shopping centers, which we will get to know.

The most important three landmarks in the city of Mbombela:

1- Kruger National Park

Kruger Park is one of the most famous tourist destinations in South Africa. It is the most exciting safari destination in the country. It is a park that extends over ​​2 million hectares, filled with stunning landscapes and interesting African wildlife. In it, you will be face to face with the five most famous animals in Africa, the elephant. Lion, buffalo, giraffe, zebra, and other wonderful African animals.

Kruger National Park was established in 1898 AD to preserve both African wildlife and animals from poaching, and now the park is home to more than 147 species of mammals, 114 species of reptiles, 507 species of birds, 34 species of amphibians, and 336 species of Trees and 49 species of fish.

The park offers fun safari trips with dedicated cars to capture the most beautiful souvenir photos of wildlife in Africa.

2- Lowveld National Botanical Garden

Lowfield National Botanical Garden

One of the most beautiful gardens in Africa, it is a garden with a personality derived from the two rivers passing through it, the Crocodile River and the Nels River, with a group of picturesque waterfalls.

The park is characterized by biological diversity and contains the largest trees in Africa, numbering about 800 species. The park is also considered a paradise for more than 243 species of birds, 75 reptiles, and many mammals such as hippopotamuses, monkeys, and rare species of butterflies.

3- Sudwala Caves

The oldest known caves in the world, dating back more than 240 million years, were formed when warm seas covered that area in the Stone Age. If you are a fan of nature and mystery, of course, you can not miss visiting the Sudwala Caves when traveling to South Africa, one of the most important tourist attractions in South Africa.

By looking at the rock formations and their different layers, you will learn about the climatic patterns that dominated the seas in the past and their breathtaking views and colors of their beauty.