The town of Bo Bassen Rose Hill is located on a slope on the western side of the island of Mauritius. The city is the main shopping area where you will find international shopping centers and stores specializing in local products. In addition, there are many cafes, entertainment centers, children’s playgrounds, and various restaurants are spread. It has several beautiful beaches To practice all beach activities such as water skiing, swimming, kayaking, and diving.

  • Other important landmarks in the islands of Mauritius:

1- Black River Gorges National Park

All about the Black River Gorges National Park | Mercury Holidays

Park is one of the Black River Gorges tourist attractions world-famous and one of the most important landmarks in Mauritius tourism, which is built on an area of 67 km 2 almost, going through the branches of a minute from the Black River, has spread around the trails for hiking. The park contains many rare birds and different animals and several waterfalls that spring from the tops of the mountains and pour into the river. The park has allocated seating and tables for those who prefer to bring snacks to spend the whole day inside the park.

Also, mountaineering enthusiasts will have an integrated view of the park when they climb the mountains and watch from the highest point possible. The natural scenery, fresh air, and green areas encourage everyone to visit the park.

2- Grand Bassin or Ganga Talao Lake

Mauritius Islands

Lake Ganga Talo is considered one of the wonders that characterize tourism in Mauritius, as it is a historical lake with religious and ideological dimensions for the islanders. Moreover, it is one of the temples that belong to several sacred gods among the island’s people. Many religious rituals are held, and pilgrims come from remote areas to perform religious ceremonies inside the temples.

In the end, we will have gotten to know the African island of Mauritius, where tourism has become a significant source of national income. We have learned about the reasons that put it on the world tourism map and many important cities and tourist attractions.