It is possible to seek permanent residency in Spain after five years of residence. Citizenship can be obtained after ten years of full-time residence. Although the temporary resident permit (the golden visa) may be easily extended without the investor and their family living in Spain, the road to permanent residency and citizenship is more difficult. Citizenship necessitates the investor and their family remaining in Spain. As a result, the Spanish Golden Visa program is popular among candidates who want to live in Spain full-time or just maintain a second residency in Europe but do not have a road to citizenship.

After several years of price reductions, real estate is currently at rock bottom levels, and the Spanish property market provides significant capital gains potential in the future years. First, however, investors must carefully examine their acquisitions. Is it for investment and rental purposes or personal enjoyment? There are several offers on the market from developers and banks, but the location and property type are essential to the investment’s success. Investors that require our services may choose to review our method or read more about the golden visa program in Spain. Enquire here to contact us, chat with an expert, and learn more about our property inventory procedures.

This amazing new property is located in Cabopino, a popular district of Marbella near the beach and port. The fresh new townhouses will be built within a golf course and will feature front-row views of the magnificent golf course and the Mediterranean Sea. Each property has three bedrooms, each with an en-suite bathroom and a private swimming pool, sun deck, and garden. The beautiful interiors maximize light and space with high ceilings and open-plan living spaces completed to a high standard.