The government launched the Australian Significant Investor Visa ( Australia Golden Visa ) in 2012. It provides a simplified path to Permanent Residency in Australia for High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) through investment immigration. Although there is no direct Australia Citizenship by Investment scheme, citizenship may be obtained after 3-4 years of stay, including one year of Permanent Residency.

  • A$5 million is invested in a specific building.
  • There is no upper age limit.
  • Option to avoid the English requirement
  • In five years, the minimum stay is only 40 days.
  • After four years, you can apply for permanent residency (PR).
  • There are no country quotas.
  • No investment is required until pre-approval is obtained.

After four years, the candidate and family can move from Temporary Residence (TR Subclass 188) to Permanent Residence (PR) (PR Subclass 888).

Despite its size, investment is limited and regulated. Residency is limited to direct family members. There are presently no national quotas in place, and no investment is required until pre-approval is obtained.

Australia is a popular choice for HNWIs looking for residence through investment. Australia attracted 10,000 HNWIs through investment in 2017, the most of any country globally, ahead of the United States, which came in second with 9000.

Australia has a high level of life that is frequently ranked at or near the top in the world. It gets good scores for women’s and children’s safety. Australia is a great location to conduct business in Southeast Asia, and the economy has fared admirably, with 27 years of uninterrupted expansion without a recession.

Regulations are governing how the A$5 million can be invested in Australia in terms of investment immigration.

  • In non-residential real estate, corporate bonds, and shares, the maximum is 60%.
  • On Venture Capital at a Minimum of 10%

Temporary residents are free from paying tax on foreign income received while abroad and capital gains tax on foreign property. It is possible to extend the Temporary Residence to 8 years after four years.