The Sharjah Maritime Museum is classified as one of the most famous tourist attractions in the UAE and the most ideal for families and children because it provides them with an entertaining and educational meal that narrates the marine life in the city from 6 thousand years to this day through 700 models made with precision and perfection.
The museum dates back to 2003 when it was opened for the first time in the heritage area (Al-Khan), then 2009 after it witnessed a series of developments.

Sharjah Maritime Museum

During the article, we present to you the most important activities that can be done during a visit to the Maritime Museum, one of the most important Sharjah museums and the most important tourist attraction in Sharjah for families, with the best Sharjah hotels near it.

The best activities to do at Sharjah Maritime Museum

• You can learn about Sharjah marine stories and see many marine monuments, which were collected through the people of Sharjah, which was an important part of their daily life.

Sharjah Maritime Museum

• You can see the traditional wooden ships that roamed the sea in the past for fishing, diving, and the search for pearls.

• Learn about different types of ships that differ in shapes according to the nature of their use, in addition to witnessing the dazzling pearls extracted from the depths of the Gulf.

• The most characteristic of the Sharjah Maritime Museum is the Al Qasimina ship located in the marina directly outside the museum building, which is the last ships of its kind existing to this day, in addition to the Pearl Ship, which some believe is one of the oldest known pearls in the world. Its age was estimated at 7 thousand years.

Sharjah Maritime Museum, Emirates

• There is a lot to learn about in the Sharjah Maritime Museum. If you pass by Sharjah, do not miss the opportunity to visit this distinguished museum. After completing your visit, you can see the Sharjah Aquarium, a few steps away from the museum.

Sharjah Maritime Museum

Times to visit the Sharjah Maritime Museum.
The museum is available to visit from Saturday to Thursday from 8:00 in the morning until 20:00.
Friday from 16:00 to 20:00.

Admission ticket prices

For children under two years, admission is free.
Children (-12 years) 10 dirhams per child.
As for adults (13+ years), 15 dirhams per person.

Sharjah hotels near Sharjah Maritime Museum

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