Set Sail Into Luxury

*Luxury Yacht Experience in Dubai, UAE!* ⚓️

Embark on a lavish adventure with our exclusive *yacht rentals* amidst the captivating beauty of Dubai’s waters. At Chilterntnt, we offer an array of luxurious yachts designed to elevate your experience and create unforgettable memories.

1️⃣ *65ft Yacht – 650 AED:*
Cruise along and relish the mesmerizing *Dubai skyline views* aboard our spacious 65ft yacht. Delight in the serene waters while enjoying complimentary soft drinks and water. Our provided BBQ kit ensures a delightful onboard dining experience.

2️⃣ *85ft Yacht – 950 AED:*
Upgrade to opulence with our 85ft yacht, offering enhanced luxury and comfort. Revel in ample seating and lounging areas while relishing the stunning coastline. Included are water, soft drinks, and our exclusive BBQ kit.

3️⃣ *95ft Yacht – 1150 AED:*
For an unparalleled luxury affair, opt for our grand 95ft yacht. With multiple decks, a spacious interior, and top-tier amenities, this yacht promises an extravagant experience. Indulge in complimentary water, soft drinks, and our exquisite BBQ kit.

All our yachts are equipped with ice cubes to maintain your beverages’ refreshing coolness throughout your voyage. Dive into the *crystal-clear waters*, bask in the sun, and craft timeless moments with your dear ones.

To secure your lavish *yacht rental* in Dubai, UAE, reach out to us at:

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Don’t miss this chance to immerse yourself in the pinnacle of luxury aboard our yachts in Dubai’s breathtaking waters. Book now and let Chilterntnt orchestrate an unparalleled maritime escapade! ????????️