New Zealand is one of the best country for immigrants in the world. Its investment program comprises two types of investments:

  • A minimum investment of NZ$10 million over a three-year period is required.
  • A minimum investment of NZ$3 million over a period of at least four years is required.

You receive your money back at the end of the term in either case, and you may maintain your residency, which leads to citizenship after five years. New Zealand is a signatory to the Trans-Tasman Agreement with Australia, which allows for free movement inside the union’s boundaries.

Furthermore, New Zealand is now negotiating a new free trade deal with the United Kingdom, which will include mutual freedom of movement for both Brits and New Zealanders. Both nations are also members of CANZUK, a proposed geopolitical union that will encompass Australia and Canada. When signed, holders of a New Zealand passport would be able to live and work in Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom without requiring a visa, which would be a fantastic opportunity. There are five nations from which to pick. One of these options may be ideal for you, depending on your requirements.