Malta is a third country that stands out from the rest. It is a primarily English-speaking country in southern Europe with good economic opportunities and a lovely environment. Malta is one of Europe’s most creative countries, having a favorable tax climate. While it also grants residency, its Citizenship by Investment program is the major draw. Citizenship applicants must physically dwell in the nation for at least 12 months before applying. Malta claims to have the hardest due diligence in the world, requiring an examination of an investor’s whole portfolio. As a result, a highly exclusive clientele rewards those who achieve the greatest level of remuneration.

Individual investors interested in Citizenship by Investment must: a) donate 650,000 euros to a government national development fund, b) invest 150,000 euros in government-approved stocks or bonds, and c) purchase real estate for a minimum of 350,000 euros for five years, or enter a five-year rental lease of property with a rent of at least 16,000 euros per year, whichever comes first. New Maltese citizens have unrestricted freedom of movement across the European Union and the Schengen Area, as well as visa-free or on-arrival entry to 184 countries worldwide.