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Ever been to the Middle East? No? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. The Middle East, UAE, Seven beautiful states, a modern land, a renowned tourist Unseen Dubai places, and a sea of colors. Every location has a focal point, a center image, a point that attracts; so, what’s that of UAE? Dubai! The heart of UAE. A place that never misses on any experience. A world of its own.

Here comes our part. Welcome to Chiltern Travel and Tourism! With our affordable price range, various offers, air-conditioned cars, and exceptional services, we are better than ever. We never fail to satisfy our travelers. So hurry and book us in advance to have access to the limited offers.

Dubai; a miraculous sightseeing place full of beautiful colors. We will envelop the whole region for our travelers. The tall buildings, including the most elevated, Burj Khalifa, along with splendid sites such as the Miracle Garden, Dubai Underwater World, The Dubai Fountain, The Dubai Mall, Jumeirah Mosque, The Atlantis, and Palm Beach, we’ll enjoy every single moment. So are you ready to live your life to the fullest?

What to Expect

Let’s take a brief look at our Unseen Dubai tour.

There is no time to lose for top Unseen Dubai attractions. So please fasten your seat belts because we’re going on a wonderful ride. Rush to your air-conditioned cars, and let’s be on our way. To start, we’ll go to the Dubai Miracle Garden. A world of floral wonder awaits you at Dubai Miracle Garden, the world’s most extensive natural flower garden. Walk down the heart-shaped pathway, a popular spot for Instagrammers, or wander amid floral castles with illuminated nightscapes and full-size houses. You can immerse yourself in more than 50 million blooming flowers throughout the different exhibits. There are plenty of attractions to see, with a wide variety of quirky and alternative arrangements. You can enjoy yourself there with your family, friends. Take photos, enjoy the soothing nature and relax. Right after this, we’ll travel to the Jumeirah Mosque. An incredible architectural design. You enter a super quiet, peaceful environment and get to eat a local Muslim breakfast, and also get to learn about the Muslim religion.

When our travelers want to leave, we’ll move to our next spot, The Dubai Mall. You all can shop, roam around, eat; there is no stopping you now.

After the excitement of the mall, now, comes one of the best; The Dubai Underwater World. A site so attractive that not only occupies the children but the adults as well. Enjoy the summer with Atlantis Aqua venture Water Park rides and feel the chill. The fun’s still not to end because here comes the signature sight of Dubai, The Burj- al-Khalifa. The tallest building in the world. Visit the highest observation deck globally for panoramic views of Dubai, the ocean, and the surrounding desert. Then tour the Dubai Aquarium, where you can see thousands of sea creatures, including the largest of sand tiger sharks in the world.

Wait! Don’t let the building distract you because we’ll see The Dubai Fountain show along as well! Last but not least, Palm Beach. A place surrounded by sea. Soak up in the sun or heat in one of the six swimming pools! Boat rides, skydiving, the area holds a lot more entertainment. After all this memorable experience, we’ll go back to our location.

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“We have traveled to all areas of the world and have rarely had a guide as capable or as personable as the Chiltren Travel. Thanks to their competence, assisting in the hotels, and on the side trips, the whole trip was delightful.

“I really enjoyed my trip. It was a good combination of physical activity, cultural opportunities, and relaxation. Thanks to Chiltren Travel and Tourism.”