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Dubai Burj Khalifa Tour

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See Dubai with Bird’s-Eye View-Thru Burj Khalifa Tour Package

The tallest building ever made by humans awaits you to show how Dubai looks from the highest human-made place. Burj al Khalifa is itself a wonder of the world. Chiltern Travel & Tour makes all of the arrangements to Dubai Burj-al-Khalifa tour in an economical package cost. We have been fostering tours and excursions for tourists from all around the world. Dubai fascinates as a Big Apple of the world for the tourists & adventurers. Though everyone can do photography outsides of the BurjKhalifa, the true privilege is to have a collection of photos inside the magical world of this monster edifice. Having the fame of being known as the World’s Highest Skyscraper, the BurjKhalifa Building is the recognition of Dubai.

In other words, if you don’t visit this fantastic place, your tour to Dubai will be incomplete. Make your plan and leave everything to rest assured on us for arrangements of your exploration of Burj-al-Khalifa tour package price. We are here to facilitate you for making your visit more mesmerizing.

What BurjKhalifa Has to Allure You

BurjKhalifa is more than a building. It is an impressive masterpiece of both engineering and architecture. Thanks to its most incredible grandeur and stratum, the Burj allures a million tourists every year. Most of the people do not know what more inside the Burj is there to surprise them. This place, in fact, possesses another world inside it. From the Entrance to the peak height, you will feel an otherworldly sensation there. Especially the awe-inspiring attractions of Burj-al-Khalifa cast an appealing spell on the visitor. Factually this is Dubai’s unending horizons from atop the Burj-al-Khalifa and amenities for exotic tourists to have their tour lavishly on their Dubai vacation program with Chiltern Travel & Tour.

How It’s Fascinating with Chiltern T&T

Chiltern Travel & Tour (T&T)relishes you a heart-throbbing experience through the elegant style and fresh aura of this hall of fame building. We also arrange your hotel stay and carry for the BurjKhalifa’s exploration. It is the tallest building in the world that renders you to see the skyscraper of Dubai and beyond. You can have an experience of bird-eye views of the cityscapes from its sky-hugging statures. Later, you can get on to a shopping spree at the city’s stunning shopping malls. Shop exotic products worldwide like fashion apparel, vogue items, goldjewelry, electronic equipment, and a lot more from the endless range of the best shop queue in Dubai. You can also feel like a millionaire roaming around the glassy corridors and alleys of the shopping mall. We move you back to your hotel and end the exciting day of your BurjKhalifa tour with some serenesleep.
We can also customize your BurjKhalifa excursion tour holiday package with discounted slots for BurjKhalifa’ssplendid views of the city.

What Includes in Dubai Burj Khalifa Tour Package?

We have tailored this package for the utmost convenience of our valued customers. We hold a great experience in tourism and hosting world explorers. It has been a remarkable alluring history since Chiltern Travel and Tour is into this tourism service. Since the inauguration of Burj al Khalifa Dubai, we are one of those early tourism agencies in Dubai that served the very first tourist batch in 2009.
Your visit to the BurjKhalifa reflection deck from the 124th and 125th floors is a must-do thing in Dubai. It is also essential for every visitor in the building. We make such an arrangement in our service that enables you to get directly to the mall without waiting in the queue. You can book tickets with us in advance that will render you going straight to the elevator to ascend the world’s highest tower at 10 meters per second—elevator speed.
Once at the peak, you can enjoy breathtaking sights of Dubai’s skyline, ocean-hugging desert, and ocean through the floor-to-ceiling glass bulwarks. You should make sure to use the precise telescopes to have a better experience- for close-up real-time visions of the vistas below. It is a kind of venture outside into the open-air terrace to grasp a more viable perspective of the appealing views of Dubai city heights. hold your breath for a moment to look through the souvenir store on the top floor, where you can buy keepsakes for your friends and family back home.
For your convenience, we make a timeline of the Dubai Burj Khalifa visit in bullet format.

Hotel Pickups
Entrance Ticket
Mineral Water Bottle
Burj Al Khalifa Atop 124-125th Floor (If selected from the package)
Hotel Drop Off

Apart from these services, you can also include some additional services in the Burj Tour, such as meals, kids’ rides in the mall, and other merchandise shopping from the discounted stores. We do not ask for hidden charges at any stage. Nonetheless, the additional costs will be added as the service addition after your approval.

How Much Burj Khalifa Tour Package Cost?

We are committed to providing quality tourism services in Dubai with affordable cost to charge. Despite the exceeding taxes on the tourism companies in Dubai, Chiltern Travel & Tour didn’t revise its charges and fee policy for most of its tour packages for Dubai. We are currently offering the Dubai BurjAlKhalifa tour for AED 120/- per person price. That is how we receive more and more tourist subscriptions from all over the world. We do not compromise on our quality of services. It is up to our customer who wants to make his/her tour more jauntily.

Salient Features of our Dubai BurjKhalifa Visit

It is a great humble honor for us to offer quality services to our customers with various tours across Dubai’s tourist attractions. BurjKhalifa is one of our specialties when it comes to seeing the true essence of Dubai. So, we categorized it into a dedicated tour slot. How we get you into this splendiferous tour is mentioned below as:

AED 120/= Per Person Affordable Plan
New and Air Conditioned Vehicles For Pickup & Drop-off
One Hour Exploration
Option For Additions to Package Tour
Special Seat For Infants on Demand
Online Ticket Booking Availability
Confirmation Before Getting Your Seat Done
Cancellation Facility
Date and Day Swap Option
Optional Tour Guide Service
Different Time Slots Optionally Available

Why Should You Tour with Us?

Dealing with a variety of tourists from all over the world with different moods and behavior is not everybody’s job. We deliver a standardized premium tourism service in the UAE. Having ample experience in hosting the hundred and thousands of tourists, we can reshape your tour plan with more exciting tour packages. We have established goodwill in Dubai for serving a massive number of tourists. We are wholesomely aware of the Dubai emirate tourist attractions. Not only this, but we have also built strong, professionally cordial bonds with the administrations of the various tourist attraction places. So you can enjoy a significant privilege with the ticketholding a stamp of the Chiltern Travel & Tour. That is the reason we are the choice of many of our old customers for years.
You can weigh us in a glance for the best of standards.

Multinational Tourism Company
Branch Office in the UK
Fully Professional Staff
Courteous Guides and Drivers
Affordable Tour Package Plan
Strong and Recognizable Tickets
Fully Licensed
Tourist Visa Consultancy
Hotel Booking Assistance
Great Reputation

Beyond these reasons, there are plenty of good causes for which our old customers recommend us to their friends and family. We honor our customers and try our best to tour the world’s highest and magnificent edifice. We hope so that you will keep us in your good account of memories because we aim to stand for decades. That will be possible only when we will hear a happy goodbye from you.

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