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Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo Ticket Price & Tour Packages

Chiltern Travel and Tourism is one of the affordable tourism agencies in Dubai. We are offering the best packages to show you the world’s largest indoor water life habitat. let us tell you a surprise thing that the Dubai aquarium is the awe-inspiring modern wonder in the world. It has the capacity to store more than ten million litter of freshwater. Being engulfed with a solid-state HD glass wall–the Dubai aquarium offers include dubai aquarium ticket price a thrilling, spectacular view of the natural habitat of fishes, sharks, seahorses, and many other beautiful sea animals.
Get yourself to see the world from a different aspect. Dubai is like an otherworldly place on this planet, both for tourism and business. It hosts millions of tourists every year because there are a great number of exciting tourist attractions in Dubai and around. But Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo are the most magnificent tourist attractions. We don’t get you to visit the overall picture of the water zoo in Dubai and but also give great information about the mall of Dubai.

Why Dubai Aquarium is worth seeing with Chiltern?

Dubai blooms in its fullness thanks to its tourist heaven scenic locations.
A visitor can see the whole world from the eyes of Dubai from a different perspective.
The Dubai Mall is the world’s largest emporium. It is more than a shopping mall, in fact. It possesses colossal tourist points inside it. But the aquarium in the Dubai Mall is the most attractive one. The long passage of almost more than 48-meter long tunnel offers a sensational feel of surreal. There are plenty of jellyfish, seahorses, penguins, and much more to excite you with.
We are sure you wouldn’t have seen the sea life in such closer proximity ever before. The crystal clear glass will hold an enthusiastic sway on you that as if you are walking in the sea in a dream—but it is real, feel the glass wall, receive a peck from the sea animals. Dubai underwater aquarium zoo can be your evermore resplendent tour with Chiltern Travels and Tours. We are a registered tourism agency in Dubai. Having full license to get our tourists visited, we make your Dubai aquarium tour even more excitingly memorable. That is why we are the trust of thousands of our clients around the world.

Chiltern T&T Offers Lowest Dubai Aquarium Tickets

Travel Agency UAE Chiltern Travel & Tour (T&T) reserves a renowned grandeur among the best travel and tour companies in the UAE. We have a rich history of staying in many people’s vivid memories for good. We earned a honorable acclaim thanks to our competitive Dubai aquarium charges. We proffer an attractive visit package for an attractive place. Dubai underwater zoo is now easy to visit with the Chiltern T&T. Our Dubai Water Zoo package starts from AED 90. To give you a more insightful briefing on tour package, we have enlisted the following key features in the combo tours of the Aquarium of Dubai Mall and Underwater.

6 Hours Combo Tour Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo
Lowest Tickets: As Low As AED 90
Dubai Mall Aquarium Full-Fledged Tourism Options
Hotel Pick Up (In Case of Transfer Option)
Entrance Tickets For Dubai Mall Aquarium
Hotel Drop Off (If Transfer Option Selected)

How To Pre-Book a Ticket For the Dubai Aquarium Tour?

Chiltern T&T provides relieving options for ticket booking for the Dubai Aqua Zoo. We offer easy to book method for the ticket reservation and same-day purchasing of the ticket. We have either of the options. However, you should better check the availability of the ticket first. Our CCRs (Customer Care Representatives) are here to hearing from you. You can fill in the form to request a pre-booking of the tickets or give us a call at +971581439463. We are here to respond to your query associated with the tour packages and information through WhatsApp at +971545277366. We are a company that promotes Dubai city tour and other Gulf countries.
The Chiltern T&T has great experience of dealing in hospitality services in Dubai. We welcome all of the tourists, any race, any region, and from anywhere. There is no discrimination when it comes to tourism with our guests. We are accessible around the world. You can call or send your query regarding tourism in Dubai and worldwide at our UK official number +4477379331319. Our representative will courteously deal with you. We hope to have an exciting tour with you.

6-Hour Oceanic Tour

Although Chiltern Travel & Tour covers an extensive tourism plan and packages for almost all of the Dubai Tourist Attractions, though we render you see the fantastic world artificial oceanic tourist attraction in Dubai. You can do unique activities during the quarter-day tour of the Aquarium and Underwater Zoo in Dubai. We have a lot of excitement in Dubai that gives you an aura of enthusiasm that you would have never felt before.
Unlike other tourism hosts in Dubai, Chiltern T&T does not turn your tour just a blink of an eye. Instead, we offer a long durational oceanic trip in Dubai Aqua Forest & Underwater Sea Aviary. You will feel a good sense of tour in the Dubai Mall Oceania. That is how you will feel a great sagacity of euphoria. To give an all-inclusive description of our Dubai Aqua tour services, what we cover in this six-hour-long tour of Dubai Water Zoo and Aqua Park are described below.

World’s Largest Mall

Superior Dubai Mall is also worth seeing. You will go through the Dubai Mall, which is the most giant emporium on the planet, on this trip. So you can say with confidence that you have visited the world’s monster mega mall with huge aquarium.

Kidzania, VR Park & Dubai Ice Rink

The tour also lets you visit the different areas of the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. VR Park is also worth seeing for the jolly people. Ice Rink will throw you a sizzling effect after getting into the place.

Shark Training Live

You can also find an agitating sensation when you see the sharks being trained by the trainer. Moreover, the 180-angled tube will let you feel being around the round of the sharks. It will move you from heart to foot. That is how your aquarium tour allures you in the fantasized ambiance in the true sense.

Rare Oceanic Species

A awestruck structural impressiveness of the aqua place is not the case of enticement, but there are more than 33000 oceanic creatures of more than 150 sea species. Our Tourist Guides here atChiltern Travel & Tour will share interesting information about the sea animals there in the Dubai Aquarium.

Be the First To Visit with Your Family

In Dubai Underwater zoo is the largest fish tank that contains more than 10-million liters of water. Not everyone visits this place very often. Let alone the largeness of the fish aviary, it is an artificial oceanic wonder itself. So you can be the first of your friends and family to visit it with us.

Underwater Zoo Fun Activities

UAE Travel Agency Chiltern T&T also offers you a great number of other fun activities such as diving with the sharks, cage snorkeling, and an underwater glass bottom ride. Anyhow, these additional fun activities can also be with some extra charges.

Dubai Aquarium a Great Learning Place For Kids

Travel to Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo with kids can be an excellent place for learning for the little ones. You can join them through the tunnel. Our guides will brief you and your kids about the sea creatures with name and characteristics. This way children can memorize the name of such species.

Feel Like Mermaid

This place that floats in-between the sea can make your female partner feel like a mermaid. Most of the girls we saw shouting with excitement that I am walking through the sea. As if a mermaid enjoys her swimming around the ocean.

Dubai Aquarium Ticket with Special Offers For International Tourists

Travel to Dubai mainly receives an enormous strength of international tourists. You will see no leniency in travel agencies’ package fee plan. They rather cash the opportunity keeping in view such a high demand. While Chiltern T&T offers a USD ticket pricing for the Dubai Under Water Zoo & Dubai Aquarium even though the high inflow of the tourists. Our introductory ticket rate for the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is $36 almost. You can pay via Visa and Master Card or on arrival. We also offer special offers to tourists from Britain, Europe and the US, Canada. We welcome to see one of many tourist heavens in Dubai. Just give us a call for Dubai aquarium ticket price or leave a message to get your next tour de Dubai planned with us!

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