Canary islands of the largest and most beautiful islands of Spain, nature; It is a range of four large islands: Gran Canaria, Tenerife, La Palma, and Lanzarote, and around these large islands are scattered dozens of small islands.

The Canary Islands are one of the best islands of Spain for the tourist looking for a quiet, picturesque nature that is not without some interesting historical tours, as the islands include a museum that displays the ruins of Christopher Columbus’s exploration ships in the heart of his ancient house.

Despite the beauty of their beaches, the islands have a special and different flora and fauna that tends to a somewhat African nature. Palm trees, fig plants, and desert cacti are spread throughout their gardens and parks, and the canary birds that are famous for the islands and bear their name are also spread.

The three most important landmarks in the Canary Islands:

1- Loro Parque

Loro Parque Entrance Ticket in Tenerife 2021

One of the best tourism sites in Spain for families is on the volcanic island of Tenerife. The place is a nature reserve for endangered animals of lions, dogs, and monkeys, in addition to the snowy penguin. Loro Parque also offers its visitors great offers of whales and dolphins that will be very interesting for children, with restaurants at prices Reasonable service for serving meals.

2- Siam Park water park


It is the second-best site for tourism in Spain for families and the most popular and crowded with tourist groups, where the largest diversity witnessed by the world’s parks in water games that suit different ages and which depend on desalination and purification of seawater and heating it first to be suitable, safer and fun for visitors.

In addition, the hilltop Siam Water Park on the island of Tenerife is famous as the only version of the original Siam in Thailand, so you will find in the garden about 25 buildings designed in the Asian style and many restaurants that serve delicious Thai meals along with the huge dragon statue larger than its kind in the world.

3- Teide National Park

Teide National Park

One of the tourist areas in Spain described for safari lovers is roaming amid the scenic features when they visit the Canary Islands, specifically the volcanic island of Tenerife. In the Teide National Park, you can enjoy the wonderful walking and photo-taking trails either on your feet or by taking a car amidst the diverse flora and fauna and enjoy the hot spring at the bottom of Teide Mountain, which is within the park’s boundaries, which can also be climbed by cable car.