The most important landmarks of Medan

If you want a journey through which you break your routine; Head to the Indonesian island of Sumatra, one of the most beautiful spots in the world, which will capture your heart before your eyes. From the beauty of its natural ingredients.

Tourism in Sumatra will take you to levels of beauty that you did not even dream of because nature will approach you from all sides, with its green mountains, waterfalls falling from it, tropical forests, lakes, and picturesque beaches overlooking the Pacific and Indian Oceans, these wonderful natural factors come together; A nature painting problem, not the most wonderful made by the Almighty Bari.

The island of Sumatra is one of the most important tourist places in Indonesia, and the government is giving it special attention. Because of its natural ingredients; Have made it attract millions of tourists annually, so be one of those lucky ones who had unforgettable holidays amidst the most beautiful tourist places in Sumatra, which we review for you through this distinguished report.

1- Lake Toba

Lake Toba cruises Indonesia Sumatra

When you arrive at Lake Toba, you are on a date with one of Sumatra’s most beautiful tourist places. In Lake Toba, you will find the masterpieces of nature formed in front of you, from stunning landscapes, amazing geological formations, in addition to the amazing cultural diversity surrounding the place.

Lake Toba is the largest volcanic lake in the world, where it was formed due to one of the volcanic eruptions that occurred more than 70 thousand years ago and extended a length of about 100 km in length and 30 km in width.

Lake Toba will make you visit a lake inside an island inside a lake inside the biggest island, Sumatra! How will that happen? Inside Lake, Toba is Samosir Island, which itself contains two lakes. On the shores of Lake Toba, there are many distinct villages, which contain many tourist and recreational places and the surrounding natural scenery.

2- Maimun Palace

Maimon Palace is a landmark of Sumatra, Indonesia

Maimun Palace is one of Indonesia’s most beautiful historical landmarks. Its unique architectural style combines Islamic, Malay, Indian, and Spanish art; Which made it an architectural icon attracting thousands of tourists.

Memon Palace dates back to the period between 1887 to 1891, and an area of 2,772 m 2, which consists of 30 rooms, is open to the public daily from 8 am until 5 pm.

Maimon Palace is distinguished by preserving its external appearance, surrounded by wonderful lush gardens. On the inside, it is distinguished by its Islamic decorations that are distributed on the palace’s ceilings and its main wings, which are full of luxurious furniture and high-class crystal chandeliers.

3- The Great Mosque in the Great Mosque of Medan Square

Great Mosque in Sumatra Square, Indonesia tourism

The Grand Mosque in Medan is one of Indonesia’s most important and beautiful religious tourism destinations, as it is an architectural masterpiece from the inside and the outside. It was built in 1906 AD, during the reign of Sultan Mamoun Al-Rashid Belkasa, and the cost of building it amounted to one million gold pieces from the budget of the Sultan himself.

The mosque combined the architectural styles of Islamic, Indian, and Spanish art. When you see its design; You will remember the architectural style of the Islamic kingdoms in medieval Spain. The Mosque interior mosque is with marble, building materials, and decoration, imported from Germany, China, and Italy, while the stained glass and chandeliers were imported directly from France.

4- Tjong A Fie Mansion

Tjung Aviz Palace features Sumatra, Indonesia

Tjung Aviz Palace is one of the tourist attractions in historical Sumatra, as it is a small palace consisting of two floors, characterized by its wonderful architectural style from the inside and outside, which is the Mamluk and Ottoman style, where you will notice the presence of the courtyard in the middle, and around it the corridors of the palace; It resembles the old Damascene houses.

But at present, the palace is used as a museum, showing the most prominent historical and local figures and many civilizations that have passed over the city of Medan in Indonesia. We promise you inside the Tjung Aviz Palace with a very enjoyable tour, which summarizes a lot of the history of Medan, one of the most important cities in Indonesia and Sumatra in particular.

5- Sipiso Piso Waterfall

Cebso Peso waterfall tourism in Sumatra, Indonesia

If you are a fan of scenic landscapes; You should head to Cebu Beso Waterfall, which is classified as one of the highest waterfalls in Indonesia, with a height of about 120 meters. Cebu Biso Waterfall is located north of Sumatra, specifically about 25 km from the city of Cabanga.

The spectacular view of the Cepso Besso waterfall and the surrounding area; Make it one of the most prominent places of tourism in Sumatra, with thousands of tourists flocking to it; To enjoy the beauty of nature in a calm, relaxing atmosphere, amidst the greenery and the sound of the roaring water in the background of the scene.