Pretoria is the administrative capital of South Africa, where government departments and ministries are concentrated. The city of Pretoria is called by many nicknames, most notably the city of Jacaranda due to the purple-colored jacaranda trees that adorn its streets thickly.

Pretoria is located on the banks of the River Valley. It is the capital of Chauteng County. Its founding dates back to 1855 AD. The city is considered one of the most important tourism cities in South Africa due to its ancient buildings with unique architectural style and many tourist attractions represented in parks. And museums and old buildings, in addition to its wonderful climate for its distinguished location, which rises about 1271 meters above sea level.

The most important 3 landmarks in Pretoria:

1- Voortrekker Monument

It is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in South Africa for history buffs. It is a memorial honoring the farmers, “the Furtreker people” who fought against England during the Boer War that England was waging against Africans of Dutch origin to control the gold and diamond mines, but England, after fierce battles, was able to To resolve the outcome of the war in its favor. The last of those battles was in 1899.

The Furtreker Monument commemorates that important historical era in South Africa, which was opened in 1949 and was designed by architect Gerard Moerdec. The Furtreker Monument is considered one of the ten most-visited cultural attractions in South Africa.

2- Union Buildings

It is the official seat of the government and contains the offices of the President of South Africa. It was designed by architect Herbert Baker in 1911, with a length of 285 meters, and was created from light sand in the massive English style. The main entrance to the Union buildings since 2013.

3- Pretoria National Botanical Garden

A green natural oasis, located in the eastern suburbs of Pretoria and considered one of the most important tourist places in South Africa for lovers of nature and untamed wildlife.

Pretoria National Botanic Garden is amazing in its biodiversity, with rare plants, diverse insects, and more than 220 species of interesting birds such as falcons and eagles, as well as mammals and bats.

The park is an ideal destination for nature lovers, especially when wandering on the paved paths that lead to green meadows and mountains, and at the end of the day, you can have a wonderful meal at the lake restaurant in the garden.