Do you want to enjoy clear skies and complete solitude among large rock formations? So you have to travel to South Africa, specifically to the city of Kimberley, the diamond capital in the world and the basis of the wealth of South Africa.

Kimberley is the capital of the Cape Province of northern South Africa, located at the junction of the Vaal and Orange rivers. It offers its visitors the most beautiful areas and nature reserves. Its rich historical heritage is represented in many museums because of the conflicts and wars it went through as it was covered by the colonial countries for its richness in diamonds, especially during the bitter Boer War.

The most important three landmarks in the city of Kimberley:

1- The Big Hole Kimberley

The enormous artificial hole in the world, its area, is about eight football fields. It was drilled during the search and prospecting for diamonds using mines and bulldozers by digging 22 million tons of soil to extract about 14 million carats of diamonds. It is considered one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the city of Kimberley.

2- Mokala National Park

Mukalla National Park

The park includes many endangered animal species, such as kudu, black and white rhinoceros, and many amazing bird species.

The park is located southwest of the city of Kimberley, about 70 km from Cape Town. You will enjoy the most beautiful scenery amid the hills and open plains using electric carts that will take you on a wonderful tour inside the park.

3- McGregor Museum

The founding of the McGregor Museum dates back to 1907, when there were many calls for a museum in the city of Kimberley. Still, nothing happened due to a lack of funds until Mrs. McGregor, the widow of a former mayor of Kimberley “Alexander McGregor,” donated the funds needed to set up the museum.

The museum is interdisciplinary, interested in the natural, cultural, historical, and scientific fields.