Jounieh, the Lebanese city, the city of light, and the land of lemons, one of Lebanon’s most beautiful coastal cities, so it is called the bride of the Lebanese beach. Away Jounieh, north of the capital Beirut, about 20 km away, is located in Mount Lebanon Governorate.

Tourism in Jounieh is enjoyable to the fullest extent, as it offers you a hearty tourist meal stemming from its ancient history, which is reflected in the stone panels that spread on its sides, which bear commemorative inscriptions of the invaders who crossed the region over the centuries.

It also presents the picturesque landscapes, resulting from the meeting of the mountain with the seaside by the side, forming a natural painting and no more beautiful than that; Which makes the city of Jounieh a wonderful hotbed for summer and recreation, as it is rich in private summer resorts, and along the sea road some restaurants and nightclubs offer all kinds of recreational activities of all colors.

The most important landmarks of Jounieh :

1- Teleferique Harisa

Tourism in Lebanon

The Harissa cable car is one of the most important tourist activities in Jounieh. It will lead you on a 9-minute trip at an altitude of more than 550 meters above the charming Lebanese tourist city ​​of Jounieh; To enjoy the unparalleled landscapes of Jounieh Bay, you will take your breath away from its splendor.

The cable car journey starts from its main station to pass over the public street and residential buildings. Then, it continues to climb, reaching the top of the mountain, where the Shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon is located, representing a special place there.

2- Our Lady of Lebanon shrine in Harissa

Our Lady of Lebanon Shrine in Harissa, Jounieh, Lebanon

This is one of the most prominent religious landmarks of Jounieh, describing the state of Lebanon. The shrine is unearthed at an altitude of 6500 m. It is a wonderful combination of nature and history; It gives you a wonderful spiritual state, and at the same time, a mesmerizing view of the entire Jounieh Bay.

The shrine is a huge statue of the Virgin Mary erected above a church, and around it, there is a small statue and a place for lighting candles. This holy place means thousands; Either to get to know him closely or to pray.

3- Casino du Liban

Casino du Liban in Jounieh Lebanon Tourism سي

Casino du Liban is the first and largest recreational center in the Middle East. The casino is located in a prime location on Jounieh Bay and offers a variety of entertainment and entertainment; Especially since it attracts the most famous Arab and international artists and the largest international performance teams; To achieve huge profits, it ranked 18th in the world, in the list of the most successful casinos, in 2004.

Casino du Liban includes a five-star French restaurant and various halls for holding celebrations and artistic performances. Casino du Liban no longer presents the stereotyped image of gambling, as this segment does not exceed 20% of its activity. On the contrary, the people in charge of it are currently making great efforts to develop it, make it a place of entertainment, and give it a more prominent family character.

4- Jounieh beaches

Jounieh beaches when tourism in Jounieh Lebanon

The most important tourist places in Jounieh that attract tourists are its picturesque beaches. Jounieh beaches are characterized by their turquoise waters and the wonderful mountainous background, covered with greenery in a wonderful landscape. Along the beaches of Jounieh are spread many luxury tourist resorts.

The beaches of Jounieh offer you a great opportunity for recreation, where you can do many special water activities, such as swimming, diving, and fishing trips, even just relaxing on the beaches of Jounieh, and lying in the sun, an exceptional pleasure.

5- Kaslik Kesrouan District

Kaslik District, Kesrouan, Jounieh, Lebanon

The Kaslik area in Kesrouan is a heritage Maronite area with many historical churches and limestone houses dating back to the 18th century. Kaslik in Kesrouan has many historical monuments, and roaming in its alleys is an endless pleasure, and the area enjoys the scenery. The picturesque landscape of the Mediterranean coast and the mountainous region.

6- Jounieh Old Market

Jounieh old market is one of the landmarks of Lebanon Jounieh

The old market of Jounieh is full of history and modernity, and its establishment dates back to the 18th century. It is one of the most historical tourist attractions in Jounieh with its historical buildings and alleys filled with wonderful wooden shops, which sell all kinds of goods, most notably fabrics and fashion.

The old market of Jounieh has a great location on the sea coast and extends for more than 3 km. And, if you are thinking of traveling to Jounieh, the old market of Jounieh must be included in the list, as it is a wonderful experience that gives you the pleasure of shopping amid the ancient and fragrant history.