It is the highest city in Spain, located at an altitude of 738 meters above sea level, parallel to the Sierra Nevada mountain range at the confluence of the Singel and Waste rivers.
The city has a rich history dating back to the era of Islamic Andalusia, which is evident in most of its tourist attractions, the most famous of which are the Alhambra Palace, the Generalife, Al Bayazin neighborhood, in addition to its Coptic landmarks, the most famous of which are the Royal Church and Granada Cathedral.
Perhaps what makes Granada one of Spain’s best tourist cities is its uniqueness with mountaineering activity through the funicular mountain railway network known as Gornergrat. You can explore the beauty of the picturesque mountainous nature around you in comfort and safety through the windows and glass floors of the train.

The most important three landmarks in the city of Granada:

1- Alhambra Palace

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The most famous landmark that can be visited when tourism in Spain, the number of its visitors annually is about 4 million people thanks to its distinctive architecture derived from the Islamic style. in the hands of the Europeans.In addition to its external architecture, the palace is distinguished by its interior decorations that combine inscriptions and Quranic decorations and the splendor of Arabic calligraphy in decorating walls, ceilings, and entrances. In addition, the palace is surrounded by vast gardens that highlight the Islamic style of planting, designing, and landscaping.

2- Generalife’s Paradise

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One of the most famous and historical landmarks of the Alhambra, and its placement on the UNESCO World Heritage List made it one of the most famous tourist attractions in Spain as well. The Generalife is a paradise of wonderful green plants and trees overlooked by one of the buildings of the great palace known as the Generalife Palace or Nafis Palace.

These are located on a hill between the Albayazin district, where the Palace of Queen Isabel is located, and the Alhambra Palace, surrounded by palm trees from everywhere. But, perhaps the most important thing that the place is famous for, besides its green spaces with a wonderful engineering design, is the fountains that pour into a picturesque stream in front of the gate with the famous five arches inscribed with the phrase “There is no victor but God.”

3- Granada Cathedral

A Brief History of Granada Cathedral

You should not miss a visit to Granada Cathedral during your tour, as this cathedral is the first that the city witnessed from the architectural and engineering harvest of the European Renaissance.
The cathedral, located in the Albayazin district, is distinguished by its architecture that combines the Baroque and Gothic styles. Its impressive interior designs, with huge columns and ceilings decorated with art and creativity, and stained glass windows include drawings that tell stories from the Bible.
Perhaps the most important thing that distinguishes this cathedral from others is the statues of Kings Ferdinand and Isabel and the busts of Adam and Eve. They are carved with unparalleled creativity, mastery, and precision.
After discussing the most important cities and landmarks that you can visit in the ancient country of Spain, did you choose which city you will go to during your tourist trip in Spain?