1- Pantai Padang Taplau Beach

Pantai Beach Padang Tablo Travel to Sumatra Indonesia

The Padang is the capital of West Sumatra, and its picturesque beaches characterize it, and it is on top of the most important of those beaches; Pantai Padang Tablou is Padang’s most famous and busiest beach if you were to visit Padang; You must pass by the wonderful Pantai Padang Tablo; To enjoy the recreational activities on the beach, relax, and enjoy the sunset.

Padang Beach, or Taplau as it is called, stretches from Samudra Street to Puroe Street. And do not forget to sample the most beautiful meals from one of the food stalls scattered along Padang Tablo Beach, which numbers in the hundreds.

2- Monumen Merpati Perdamaian Monument

Merpati Perdamamyan Monument Indonesia Sumatra Tourist Tours

The Merpati Perdamamian Monument is a highlight of Padang and is very popular with the townspeople. It symbolizes peace, not only on the scale of Indonesia but also at the level of all parts of the world as a whole.

The Merpati Perdamamian Monument is located in the Taman Mwaru Lazak area in the city of Padang, West Sumatra. And it was inaugurated by President Joko Widodo in 2016, and the opening was part of the naval peace-keeping exercise. The Mirpani Berdamamian monument is about 8 meters high and takes the form of a flying dove. The pigeon was specially chosen because it is a peaceful bird, which does not harm any other being; To get food.

3- The Grand Mosque of West Sumatra

West Sumatra Grand Mosque Landmarks Sumatra Indonesia

The secret of distinguishing the West Sumatra Grand Mosque is its unique architecture, as it is moving away from the traditional shape of mosques, as it was designed by the engineer and designer “Rizal Muslim,” who won his unique design for the mosque through a competition specially made for that matter, on 323 designers. The architectural style of the mosque is classified under the architecture of the Minangkapa and Gonggung.

The West Sumatra Grand Mosque is the largest mosque in West Sumatra, located north of the city of Padang, and the carved metatg calligraphy was used to decorate its outer wall; To come out to us, in the end, an architectural masterpiece that will catch your eye.

4- Air Manis Beach

Air Manis Beach Beaches of Sumatra, Indonesia

Air Manis Beach in Padang is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Sumatra, which attracts thousands of tourists; To enjoy its wonderful atmosphere, as it is characterized by its low waves and its charming mountain background, which is about 500 meters from the beach.

When visiting Air Manis Beach, you can do many distinctive activities such as water games, swimming, and rent a boat from a resident; To go on a distinctive marine excursion to one of the islands with diving and surfing centers. Air Manis Beach is about 15 km from Padang city center, and the city offers much public transportation; To drive you to the beach.

5- Adityawarman Museum

Adityawarman museum sights in Sumatra Indonesia

The Adityawarman Museum of History and Culture is a cultural highlight of West Sumatra. You can learn about the history of the Minangkabu ethnic group, and a group also called the Minang and Orang.

That group lived in the Minangkabo highlands, west of Sumatra, their original home, and about 3 million people lived there, including that region. Most of that group embrace the Islamic religion with its Sunni doctrine. It is also possible to learn about the history of the Mentaway Group, which are the indigenous people of some of the islands located west of Sumatra. The Adityawarman Museum was opened to the public in 1977 under the name “State Museum of West Sumatra.” It included among its halls and departments more than 5,781 archaeological and historical objects to the public.

6- Lake Maninjau

Lake Maninjau Sumatra Cities Indonesia Tourism

Maningau Lake is a volcanic lake located in Tanjung Raya District, Agam Prefecture, West Sumatra. The lake is about 140 km from Padang to the north, near Bukittinggi, about 36 km away.

Lake Mananjaw stretches over an area of about 100 m 2, and the most beautiful scenery, especially the surrounding area, is the villages and rice farms, increase the splendor of the scene. Lake Maningau derives its name from its turquoise color, where its name means “oversight,” and is an important outlet for the residents of the area and tourists. They want to enjoy its peaceful natural atmosphere.