Sumatra is the 6th largest island in the world, yet still very little traveled. And South Sumatra, along with Lampung, is its least visited region. Poor accessibility and infrastructure make them be the ultimate off-the-beaten trail destinations. However, Thrilling encounters offer themselves in the forgotten territories; it is right here where to meet the last surviving wild Sumatran elephants and rhinos and the king of the Sumatran rainforest.

Lampung is the province of Indonesia, located on the southern tip of Sumatra island. It has a short border with Bengkulu to the northwest and longer borders with South Sumatra to the north. It is the original home of the Lampung people, who speak their language, and have their own written script. Its capital is Bandar Lampung .

Lampung’s natural topography varies by region. Along the west and south coast is a rolling hilly area connected to the Bukit Barisan mountain range, stretching across Sumatra from north to south. In the center of the province is mostly lowland. Near the coast in the east, along with the shores of the Java Sea, to the north are great waters.

1- Way Kambas National Park

Wai Kampas National Park Sumatra Island in Indonesia

The Way Kampas National Park is, in fact, a nature reserve, considered the most important in Asia in general. If you are a nature and wildlife enthusiast; Of course, you will find your way in this wonderful nature reserve, where you will be able to closely identify very distinct types of animals, most notably the orangutan and Sumatran elephants, as well as explore a lot about plant life.

If you are with your family, you should put the Wai Campas National Park on the top of the list of tourist destinations in Sumatra; It will give you and your children a very interesting and enjoyable time inside.

2- Mutun Beach

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Muton Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Lampung; With its turquoise waters, white sand, and stunning natural landscapes, it also enjoys complete facilities and various exciting games, including swimming and kayaking boating as well as fishing with the family.

Muton Beach is about 25 minutes away from Lampung city center and can be easily reached by cable highway. Moton Beach attracts thousands of visitors, locals or tourists who come to enjoy its clear waters and the calm of its waves, and Moton Beach offers many huts to relax inside.

3- Seager Tower

Seager Tower entertainment places in Sumatra, Indonesia

Seager Tower is one of the most beautiful landmarks of Sumatra at all, as it is like a beautiful girl who forces everyone who passes in front of him, looking at her and being fascinated by her, as it is a building that takes the shape of a crown, with its yellow and red colors, which are the colors of the bride’s crown.

The Seger Tower is a symbol of the multi-ethnic province, as it is divided into nine strings denoting the nine languages ​​found within the city of Lampung. In addition to the beauty of the Seger Tower’s architectural design, it will give you a wonderful panoramic view of the sea and the picturesque natural areas surrounding it.