1- Plaza de la Corredera

Corridor Square is the best tourist place in Cordoba, Spain

Plaza de la Corredera the most visited tourist place in Cordoba. You must visit Cordera Square in Cordoba, as it is considered the heart of life in the city, with its wide range of rest houses, restaurants, and cafes that serve the most delicious Spanish cuisine. The Sanchez market, where you can buy exhibits and Spanish products.

What increases the beauty of Corridor Square is the pleasure of walking around the square by bicycle and enjoying the splendor of the architectural design of the square that reflects Andalusian history in the seventeenth century.

2- The Victoria Market in Cordoba Mercado Victoria


Victoria Market, for lunch in Cordoba | spain.info in english

Victoria Market is the most distinguished market in Cordoba. It is not only an ordinary market, but it includes many restaurants and cafes that make you feel like you are on a food trip around the world, as the market contains more than thirty restaurants serving the most delicious Spanish cuisine, in addition to international cuisine such as Mexican, Japanese and others.
The market also features a variety of processed meats, seafood, such as fresh fish and shellfish, in addition to various drinks that you can drink while listening to the wonderful Spanish music.

3- Cordoba Botanical Garden Patio De Los Naranjos
Courtyard of the Orange Trees (Patio de los Naranjos) - Córdoba

Suppose you are a fan of beautiful flowering plants and fruits. In that case, your best choice is the Cordoba Botanical Garden, which is one of the most wonderful tourist places in Cordoba, as it contains a huge collection of plants and flowers of various kinds, in addition to trees, forests, and nurseries.

The garden also contains the Yubotan Museum, which includes rare types of plants dating back to the ancient era, and the School of Agriculture, which is the place designated for medicinal plants and herbs that can be eaten, such as vegetables and fruits. There is also a special section for glass reserves. Old Andalusian.

4- The Andalusian House in Cordoba, La Casa Andalusí
Baldosas Patio Andaluz - Novocom.top

Andalusian House Museum, one of the most important tourist attractions in Cordoba. It is a small house built in the Andalusian style in the twelfth century. A Jewish family owned it. The house is distinguished by its architectural design, where you will find mosaic pieces that express the ancient Roman character.

The house includes a collection of archaeological artifacts and historical books. In the middle of the house, there is a spacious courtyard containing a fountain surrounded by colorful flower pots and the Paper Museum, which contains the tools from which paper was made in the Andalusian Islamic era. There is a special section to display silver and gold coins that were used at the time.

Suppose you intend to travel on a tourist trip to enjoy the most beautiful scenery and diverse tourist places. In that case, you will not find it better than tourism in Cordoba, the flower of Andalusia, which historians masterfully described.